It’s Kitten Time!

I haven’t heard back from the breeder who put her adult Forest Cat up for adoption. I fear that she may have Googled me and come upon some rather unsavory details about me and my relationship with cats.

Yggdrasil and I may not be meant to be.


If only in my dreams

I decided that if she approves me for adoption, I’m there. But if not, I’m giving up this dream of purebred kitty bliss.

Waiting. Forever waiting.

Waiting. Forever waiting.

There are so many adoptable cats that don’t require a 19 hour road trip.

I’ve started checking the local shelter’s website and Craigslist for slutty, obese cats in need of a home and so far I haven’t found anything yet.

Our shelter has a cute, yet awkward, system for describing a cat’s personality.

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 7.08.51 AM

So far nothing yet. At least they include the weight of the cat.

The other day I was trolling Craigslist and I found someone wanting a sitter for an 11 week-old kitten.

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 6.31.46 AM

You had me at kitten. And at temporary. I don’t have to endure Loony’s stink-eye for a mere babysitting gig.

I immediately responded to offer my, um, services and chatted up a young man who has a “half Maine Coon” kitten.

He has very large paws. Maybe he is part Maine Coon

He has very large paws. Maybe he is part Maine Coon

Pft. I’ve heard that one before.

He has to go out of town for a week and needs someone to watch Peachy (hey, I didn’t name him).

Given how hard it was for him to find my house, despite pretty clear directions and GPS, I’m guessing he’s new to town and doesn’t have many friends.

He was very shy and soft-spoken and told me how his cat of many years died and he’s been lonely for companionship.

He’s very attached to Peachy and wants to make sure he’ll be okay while he’s gone.

Don't worry, he'll be fine

Don’t worry, he’ll be fine

So much for stealing his kitten.

That won’t stop me from trying to turn him into the kind of slutty cat I prefer.

Peachy is adorable. I got That Fucking Cat when she was the same age and she was easily half the size. Peach has huge paws and is already a pretty big boy.

The kid wanted to meet Blue and, remembering how well it went when TFC met him, I carried Peachy over to make an introduction.

Peachy instantly doubled in size and started hissing and spitting, trying to get out of my grasp so he could give Blue the slash.

I worried for Blue’s safety.

He is extremely sensitive

I won’t let the evil cat get you.

Suffice to say, I’ll be keeping Peachy in my office for the week. There is no point traumatizing the dog and risking any skirmishes with TFC for a temporary guest.

But I did sleep in the office with the kitten. He slept on the pillow. Next to my face. Do you see where this could be going?

Helping me work

Helping me work

He’s a rambunctious little guy who puffs up and bounces off the furniture. It should be fun.

Of course I’ve been obsessed with taking pictures of the little guy.

Oh shit. One afternoon, people.

Oh shit. One afternoon, people.

It’s pretty fun around here.

I’m just gonna say this now. If, by any chance, this kitten sitting gig was merely a ruse to foist a kitten off on me, I would be 100% okay with it. However, Nina just found the Norwegian Forest Cat of my dreams on Reddit of all places and GOOD NEWS, I wouldn’t have to cross state lines to get her.

Hoooolllyyy Shit

Hoooolllyyy Shit

Meanwhile the other animals in my life are acting strange. Blue has been barking at nothing all day and the chickens raised such a racket before daybreak that my neighbor and I both raced outside in our PJs to make sure they weren’t being attacked by a fox.

Never a dull moment at Chez Frye

In other news …

Screen Shot 2014-12-20 at 6.31.19 AM

Yep. I have two of these and didn’t know it. They were in the same closet. A very small coat closet. Who knew?

I posted that shit on FB and someone actually wanted one.

I haven’t seen this lady in ages. We met in prenatal swim class where you hang out in a shallow pool, compare stretch marks and worry about sleep training.

She’s an author and I’ve already pre-ordered her book The Inspirational Atheist which will hopefully arrive in time for Christmas.

Get yours now!

Get yours now!

The Big Guy stayed with us for a few days while in town to supervise the construction of a new leach field on his mountain property.

The best we can do with pictures. Dog butt up front, face buried in guest's crotch.

The best we can do with pictures. Dog butt up front, face buried in guest’s crotch.

I love talking to him, we are sympatico in so many ways. Granted, our conversations usually happen amidst a swirl of activity.

We attempted conversation while making holiday cookies with the kids. I put the peanut butter bars outside to cool and this happened …

Stupid squirrels

Stupid squirrels

Stefé stopped by with Snorkie. She’s my favorite housemate’s wife and they just had a child together. Little Snorkie is adorable.

Blue snorking the baby

Blue snorking the baby

I was so happy to see Buzzy and Stefé in the same day. Sometime the magic works.

IMG_1183And finally, I survived a major parental trial-by-fire: the science project.

Look at this beautiful volcano project that Itchy made for his 4th grade class.


Yes, I helped but I didn’t do it for him. He watched hours of Youtube videos on how to make a realistic volcano and then I showed him how to do research and cite his sources.

I’m pretty proud of him.


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  1. A button like this: “import 431 photos” sounds like danger. Does anyone actually press this?

    Can’t get over your kitty training/seduction videos. And with music! Have you no limits? LD

  2. I love the expressions on your kids faces when your dog is smelling the guys crotch. It would be great framed with a bit of cropping.
    Have a nice relaxing Christmas.

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