Holidays are My Weakness

Can anyone guess the book title I’m riffing on?

I love this book

I love this book

No one is perfect, that’s a fact. I am especially imperfect but I try really hard to do better which usually involves me apologizing to my kids for flying off the handle for something inconsequential.

Holidays are a weakness of mine, not because I can’t resist them but because I completely suck at them.

Unless it’s a holiday that involves dressing like a skank and getting too drunk, which I happen to rule at, I am completely at a loss … but I’m trying.

This year I vow to not ruin Christmas. Last year I begrudgingly threw up a tree a few days before Christmas and whipped it back into the basement right after we opened presents like it was a stinky turd.

This year, I’m embracing the tree and even gave it my special touch.


My friends Jason and Emily love Christmas so I hit them up for ideas about how to make it special but (most importantly) not about opening a zillion presents.

“It’s all about traditions.”

They spend the night at the Broadmoor Hotel as part of their packed holiday schedule of events which I’ve seen and it’s completely bananas.

I invited my family along this year to drink some of that crazy holiday juice and see if I could get into the spirit.

Blue can tell when we are about to leave

Blue can tell when we are about to leave

We started by leaving bright an early for Colorado Springs so we could hit a few attractions before we checked in.

Loony used to visit The Springs a lot so he knows the area well. We started off by visiting The Garden of the Gods.

The Garden of the Gods was completely up the boys’ ally. The love to climb on rocks and scramble around more than anything in this world. The weather was cooperating and we had a wonderful time.

I have to force Loony to take pictures of me or else there wouldn't be any

I have to force Loony to take pictures of me or else there wouldn’t be any

The next stop was the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

I’m not a huge zoo fan. I usually just feel sad for the animals that are showing obvious signs of mental decline and distress.

CMZ opts for quality over quantity and had spacious habitats for a pared down number of species, except for the monkey pavilion.

There was a monkey that was missing a hand and just sat and stared at the outside with such deep longing. It broke my heart.

It was small (over all), intimate and enjoyable. Except for the monkeys.

And the weird guy at the snake exhibit who kept following me around wanting to tell me all about his snake. No joke.

He might have been talking about this snake

He might have been talking about this snake

It started to cool off just in time for us to arrive at The Broadmoor.

I’ve never been before but people rave about it. I spent the entire week prior to our visit hissing at the boys during dinner to improve their table manners just for the experience.

It was everything we expected it to be.

I knew dogs were allowed but I didn’t even consider taking Blue. It would have been good for a laugh to carry Blue through the lobby because he’s afraid of the floors but I know he would have been miserable.

There were tons of dogs there, mostly Republican dogs like Samoyeds, and I pet every single one. This handsome guy got a lot of attention.

Blue would have had a nervous breakdown from all the attention

Blue would have had a nervous breakdown from all the attention

I ran up to his owners and made them look at pictures of Blue because they have a Dane ergo they must be interested in my Dane … who isn’t here. Whatever, I had already dipped into my stash of Bullit rye and was feeling chatty.

The room was gorgeous and would have been damn sexy had it not been for those kids.

The only downside was that dinner was sooo expensive. I wasn’t surprised, I knew what I was getting into, but still.

Next time (if Jason and Emily will have us) I’ll go Clampett style and bring a picnic dinner for the room. It pained me to pay a small fortune what was at best, a modest meal.

I guess I’m not a very fancy person after all. AND PROUD OF IT!

A high note was the gingerbread house.


It was big enough to walk into although they had it fenced off because kids are easily tempted to see if it’s actually edible.

One kid refused to be dissuaded by the wooden fence and reached over and broke a merangue branch off the 4 foot tall candy spruce trees. Then he attacked the mailbox and pried some gum drops off. Then, as his father was trying to haul him away, he gnawed on the picket fence which was actually made of wood.


So classic.

We wandered around the grounds, pet dogs, picked out our favorite trees, perused the lovely art collection and took a dip in the pool before dinner. It was perfect.

Gorgeous grounds lit up for the holiday

Gorgeous grounds lit up for the holiday

The next morning the boys took a long bath in the gigantic tub and we headed back for Boulder in the midst of a snow storm.

It didn’t stop us from stopping at Tacos De Mexico for a bunch of chili relleno burritos to go.

Ok, this is a boring post but I don’t keep a diary anymore and have fallen behind on my photo albums so I either post it here for forget about it forever. Sorry.

I’ll have something better for you next time.

6 thoughts on “Holidays are My Weakness

  1. Viv, you posed the question and then gave it away right at the top of the blog post! I knew it was Pam Houston—but you’re right, it is rather an obscure reference for a general audience. Anyhow, yes I know the holidays are your “weakness.” And you’re not gonna ruin Christmas–I don’t believe you could do that if you tried. But keep us posted, will you? Thanks, much love to you and yours…

    • Hiya Greg! Long time buddy! You must be all busy with l’amour these days, or at least I hope so. I figured no one would get the Pam Houston reference except you because I knew you back when I was super into her book. I remember reading passages out loud in Marcia’s living room.

  2. Sounds like you had a great time. Love your pictures. The boys in bed is a beautiful shot and you and your little one posing by the rocks should be framed.
    I think you should ask your boys what kind of a tradition they would like to start as a family. They probably have all kinds of great ideas.
    Writing about and taking pictures of slices of life is wonderful and my favorite.
    Merry Christmas.

    • I think asking my boys for ideas is a great idea! Why didn’t I think of that?

      This year we are going to see the last installment of The Hobbit on Christmas day. Maybe I’ll open my home up for an open house for a few hours. We’ll see.

      Merry Christmas to you, too.

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