Mice Krispies

Six days since my last post? Oh shit. I am striking distance from my 600th post (a dubious distinction at best) but at this rate it will be months before I get there.

It's gonna take forever

It’s gonna take forever

I’ve gone from hardest working blogger to laziest blogger, probably because I have such a busy and important life.

But not really.

Highlights from the last six days.

I got bullied into have a little birthday thing at my house. I literally sent out texts at 4:00 telling people to come over for wine at cheese at 7:00.

If you didn’t get the text (Lemony) don’t be mad. I only sent them to people within a mile of my house because the roads were shitty and I didn’t want anyone to drive just for little old me.

And I was okay with no one showing up but this happened.

Happy Birthday

So yeah, my birthday was nice. I like this last minute thing. If I had a day to think about it, my easy-going, low-key gathering would have ballooned into me cooking and cleaning all day. As it stood, all I had time to do was pick up some cheese and crackers.

I’ve managed to keep the house clear of crap but it takes daily vigilance.

What is this? This will not do!

What is this? This will not do!

The boys LOVE having the sun room back and it turns out that if I don’t have giant piles of clothes all over the place and can actually reach the heaters to turn them on, I can keep it plenty warm even on cold days.

Chillin' like a villain.

Scratchy is chillin’ like a villain.

The last of the crap is out of the house, the Frankenbed is put together and aside for pile of shipping crap next to Loony’s desk, the house is clear.


Even the strange cabinet above the closet is empty! I think I’ll put it on AirBnb.

The thing I’m really excited about is that the chandelier is back up in the guest room. Loony took it down when he used the room for eBay because it cast blotchy shadows.

But first we had to find it. Hooray for Shé! She helped with that process a year ago and boxed it up and labeled it so I could easily find it.



It shorted out when Loony took it down and burning bits of metal went flying everywhere. Naturally Loony knows how to rewire ancient chandeliers.

There’s nothing he can’t do.

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Speaking of fires, the other day we smelled burning hair while making toast. Look what (or who) was in our toaster …

Mice Krispies!

Mice Krispies!

Don’t get mad at me, that poor sucker went after some crumbs all by himself! Loony ate the toast anyway.

The warehouse is crazy right now. When we first got it I thought there was no way Loony could fill it up. The possibilities were endless.

I’m so naive. It’s cute, really.

This is what it looks like now that Loony moved everything from the house (not including basement or records) and his rented garage (but not the giant shipping container).

Shé comes every Tuesday to help Loony keep his “system” from completely falling apart and I decided to help out. I figure I can double her efforts if I’m there to take orders.

I am nothing short of mystified at how he keeps track of anything.

He has 3,000 items on auction and they are “organized” into clear garbage bags that kind of have a system assigned to them. But if one item ends up in the wrong bag (what’s the shawl neck sweater doing in the chunky ski sweater bag?) it is pretty much lost forever.

From Indiana Jones, but pretty much the same thing.

From Indiana Jones, but pretty much the same thing.

Moving right along. We went sledding at our friends’ house. They live in the foothills and have the best sledding hill, which is to say that their kitchen window overlooks it so I can watch from the comfort of the indoors.

Since I’ve taken my requisite photos of the kids having fun, I can go back to be a lazy mother who hates to be cold.

That’s the excitement for this week. I’m going to put the computer away, walk the dog and do a little professional toilet cleaning. You know, me time.


That Fucking Cat rode around in Loony’s coat all morning. Stupid cat.

PS: I just found out that a trainer at my gym is married to Loony’s clone. He as 12,000 records and lives to go to garage sales. I got a very woo-woo-separated-at-birth feeling while doing crunches with her. Hi Bonni!

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  1. These pics (and the post) made me smile so huge 😀 Itchy and Scratchy is the new nicknames? Love it! As for the Krispy, That Effin’ Cat needs to be given a stern talking too about chores.. Of course, if the chandelier ends up burning the house down in the future, that lecture will be moot. Enjoy the walk and the loo!

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