Arctic Haboobs But Not My Boobs

Despite the Arctic Haboob I am still alive and well, I just haven’t felt like writing.

However, whenever Facebook alerts me that I’ve gotten 15 HITS on my page (woot!) I wonder if a having detailed account of my drunken exploits at the top of my blog is the best thing.

I mean, shouldn’t we ease into that getting-to-know-you thing?

My dad (HI DAD) wanted to know if there was any unpleasant fall-out from my Halloween exploits, other than what I wrote about.

Not really, only people kept sending me pictures like this:


Haha Erica.

And this:


I can’t remember who sent me this.

And everyone keeps bringing up The Fantastic Mr. Fox when all I want to do is forget about it.

All I can say is that I relate very much to this old print I uncovered in our guest room.

They are talking about her because her fiancé eloped with someone else. She doesn't know the meaning of shame.

They are talking about her because her fiancé eloped with someone else. She doesn’t know the meaning of shame.

I like it. I think I’ll hang it up.

And look what else I discovered in the guest room?

Dogs playing poker, a classic.

Dogs playing pool, a new take on a timeless classic.

I think it will go wonderfully in the Ugly Dog Room (AKA my living room, or pole room).

The only other things to come from Halloween was a righteous case of self-loathing from a Twix binge that led me to spend too much time on the stair machine …

That's 45 minutes on the stair machine for four lousy "Fun Size" Twix

That’s 45 minutes on the stair machine for four lousy “Fun Size” Twix bars. That’s not “fun” that’s serious shit.

And much to the dismay of Loony and the boys, I resorted to a desperate measure …

Aside from feeling like the school harlot, I had a candy incident.

Aside from feeling like the school harlot, I had a candy incident.

It took four fucking days for health conscious Boulder to kill the bowl, and they left all the Milky Ways!

The other thing is that my jaw has been aching like a mo-fo. I happened to have an appointment with my dentist and he told me that I’ve ground through the gold layer of my 2 year-old crown.

Oh shit.

So I’ve been sleeping with a mouth guard and I quit caffeine last week. Good times.

I’ve been laying low and trying not to get into trouble. Focus on the family and all that.

Yes, a food pic but this breakfast was dope.

Yes, a food pic but this breakfast was dope and my kids have no idea how good they’ve got it.

I’m trying not to Force French anyone these days. It’s a strictly Halloween activity unless you are a cat …

Come here lover! (He's clawing closer to me, not away)

Come here lover! (He’s clawing closer to me, not away)

And taking pictures of me and the dog.


The weather is horrible right now but I managed to find a silver lining.

That Fucking Cat has been stalking the door and trying to get out AT ALL TIMES. Go right ahead.

Yeah, I think she’s going to be an indoor cat after all.



Plus, she has so much to do inside. Who has time for going out?

Blue wants to go out, too. It’s inexplicable given that it is 10 degrees out and he has almost no hair, but he’s very persuasive.

I finally caught him making this gross noise on video. He will smack his lips, drool, burp and do this at my bedside until I take him out.

Delightful, no?

Yep, it’s clean living for me (for now). I’m in the midst of a BIG ORGANIZATION PROJECT but Harmy pointed out to me that I am always in the middle of a big organization project. So it goes.




12 thoughts on “Arctic Haboobs But Not My Boobs

  1. that’s a beautiful snowstorm, but we all know it will turn warm in a day and melt away in no time, the cat is funny. We
    are waiting for that storm to hit us soon, but I don’t think it will light and fluffy like Boulder. Blue that some gross noises!

  2. OMG! The videos are hilarious. FC got what she deserved. Love how you laughed at the little B_tch hitting the snow. Serves her right! And B was appropriately gross. LD

  3. Hi Vivienne. I really enjoy your blog and have followed it for awhile; more than a year now. You have a lot of interesting and honest posts and my hat is off to you. Keep up the good work.

    The Halloween Party looked fun. Yes, there were a few pictures of boobs, but of course I immediately covered my eyes as soon as I saw those particular pictures. After covering my eyes about a hundred times read the remainder of the blog.

    I’m still working out at Rally. I had a bike wreck about 15 months ago and was in the hospital with broken scapula, rib,wrist , and collapsed lung. I know I read your blog during my recovery and it helped my spirits. Thank you.


    • Hi Ken! I remember you from Rally. I’m so sorry to hear about your accident and I’m glad I could help in my own small way. Bikes are scary, l’m happy to tool around town on my bike but screaming down canyons is too risky for me.

      I’m at the CAC now, working out early and keeping my head down.

      Thank you so much for reading my blog. I’m so glad you took the time to comment. I never know who is out there.

      Hopefully I’ll have some nice news to post about our latest project being completed. Right now I’m in the dumps about it. I hate seeing piles of stuff around.

      Take care and please speak up!

  4. Well crap! I swing over here for boobies and all I got was this odd craving for tiny midget candy bars…. Hunker down and hang in Viv! I mean you could be over here freezing to death in Florida. I have to go buy a coat.. it’s gonna get down to 80 today. *sigh*

  5. Aside from having next-to-no hair, Blue looks built for the snow. He reminds me of a moose, another animal that handles snow just fine with those super-long legs.

  6. We are getting tons of snow here too. My dog loves it. He has taken to climbing on my bed and STARING into my face (with occasional shakes of his head so his collar rattles) until I get up.

    • Dogs can be jerks. Blue suffered an entire week without a proper walk because it was so. fucking. cold. I have a 90’s teal colored one-piece snow suit that I put on just to go outside. Please tell me you don’t live in Buffalo.

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