Staying Sane

It’s 7am and the table is set for dinner tonight.

I have not lost my mind. This is how I keep Loony from piling shit recently acquired treasures on my dining room table.

I have not lost my mind.

I haven’t eaten sitting down in a year. It has been transformative.

If I set the table, he can’t dump armloads of clothes he just bought on it. Plus, THAT’S WHAT THE WAREHOUSE IS FOR!

The last week since my organizationgasm has been bliss. Highly qualified bliss in that it’s not done yet and Shé is sick and when she’s not around shit just doesn’t happen that fast.


Please, please, please get better soon. This is only the teeny, tiny, tip of the iceberg.

Shé did this the other day. We have about 3x this amount of jeans to go and 100x more of everything else.

And today my really good friend of 20 years is coming to visit and the guest room still looks like this.

photo 2


Heather is bringing her truck and is going to help today. I bribed her by promising to tell her all the juicy details from the Halloween party.

Holy shit.

I waver between elation at attending such a bitchin’ party and ABJECT HORROR over my behavior. I can barely show my face at school.

But you will have to wait for it.

Sorry Cao, teehee.

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