Five Minutes with Braco – So Intense!

I walked past an old Eurovan parked by my house this morning. Hippy looking dudes in cotton pajamas were milling around and, being the snoop that I am, I craned my neck just a little bit. The thing was stuffed full of crates of pamphlets for Braco. He’s back in town!
It made me think of this old goodie I wrote the last time he was here. It’s not too late to see him Pamcakes!

Vivienne's Process of Elimination

I mentioned yesterday that Cushie’s neck was hurting so I decided to take a picture of her to see Braco and soak up some of that positive “silent, loving gaze.”

Okay, you got me. I was just looking for an excuse. FYI, if you’re more than three month’s pregnant, you probably should not read any more of this because it might be too intense.


See, I told you.

I had to book over to the Millennium Harvest House in order to make his 3:00 session. I arrived and bought my ticket (cash only, natch) from a table manned by three middle-aged women. I wish I hadn’t been in such a hurry because I wanted to take in his infrastructure. He had a very large staff.

That’s what she said!

“You have to hurry! He’ll be starting soon.” I headed for the elevator and a man said, “Are you going to…

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