Feline Assphyxiation

That Fucking Cat strikes again! Last night a muffled cry of MOM MOM MOM! came from the boys’ room. Naturally I dropped everything and ran to their aid. Ha ha ha … no. I went into their room with a camera, natch. Testiclese was in bed with That Fucking Cat sitting on his face and he had […]

Staying Sane

It’s 7am and the table is set for dinner tonight. I have not lost my mind. This is how I keep Loony from piling shit recently acquired treasures on my dining room table. If I set the table, he can’t dump armloads of clothes he just bought on it. Plus, THAT’S WHAT THE WAREHOUSE IS FOR! […]

So Wrong It’s Right?

Loony never calls me. I think it’s adorable when married couples call each other just to say hi but alas, it’s not our thing. So when he calls I know something is up, like when he phoned from the Salvation Army. Loony: (all breathless and trembling) Viv, Viv, Viv! I found a painting! It’s incredible! It’s awesome! It’s magnificent! […]

Getting It Out of My System

This has been by far the most beautiful fall I can remember in my entire time living in Boulder. That’s 23 years. I’ve read 25 Things All Basic White Girls Do In Fall and as a rule, every time I read something like that I try my best to never do those things. In this […]

Figuring Out This Birthday Thing

Testiclese turned eight last week and my folks flew in for the occasion. I can’t resist the urge to take this opportunity to post some cute throwback pictures of the old Senator Snorkie. I’m working on getting the hang of special occasions. I’ve always had a one-size-fits-all model. Invite everyone Spend shitloads of money on […]


If you’ve been following my blog for more than a year, you’ve been through the divestment process with me. You were there while I sold, donated, gifted, recycled and tossed over 7300 items in one year. The end was bittersweet. I doubled my original goal of chucking ten items a day for 365 days and I walked […]

Why I Love/Hate Halloween

I am deep in the throes of Halloween right now, hence the radio silence. I have a love/hate relationship with Halloween. I hate Halloween because I can’t get past the deep irony of buying candy to give to my kids one day and then essentially bribing them to give it up the next. Not to […]

Viv: 1 User: 0

After my blog about saying no, JT texted to crow about how good it felt to take a stand. He got volunteered for a lengthy dealio at work and called out the person who took that liberty without asking him first. He and I support each other in our endeavors to get rid of stuff […]