There Are No Pictures of Pole Dancers In This Post

Look, I’m super sorry that I haven’t posted about Pole Expo in Vegas yet but that weekend was a beast.

It was way fun and highly bloggable but I have a zillion pictures and videos to edit before I can post a blog.

Screen Shot 2014-09-14 at 8.31.12 PM

But I will give you this as an appetizer …

Michelle Shimmy's Twerkshop. That's me on the left.

Michelle Shimmy’s Twerkshop. That’s me on the left.

Depending on your feelings about 42 year-old women twerking upside down, this might be an appetite suppressant.

There’s just so much that I’d rather do than blog these days. Like walk with Tabby and Werm, despite the recent spate of snow. You heard me right, snow in September.

I’m back taking ceramics at The Pottery Lab, a city run pottery studio.

I love working with clay so much. I stepped away from it to make time for blogging and dance and I feel like a very vital part of my life disappeared.

I’m happy to be back with my former instructor who gets me as opposed to some of the crotchety people who run the place who most definitely don’t get me.

I can’t wait for our first dinner party.

Anywhoo, I went to Green Streets, Boulder’s very own Ciclovia.

The url for Green Streets is, not com! I edited and reposted that thing too many times to do it again. Sorry Hillary!

It was cancelled last year due to the floods and I wasn’t sure whether it would make a comeback.

I was lukewarm about it after the previous year’s event. It felt bloated and overly ambitious.

Instead of the streets being open for people to bike, walk, skate and hula hoop, it was crowded with vendors and people passing out business cards for house cleaning services and businesses completely unrelated to sustainability.

Although a cleaning service might make my marriage more sustainable.


I must admit that I kind of gave up on it. I hate it when something gets so big that it loses touch with what made it so great in the first place.

Fortunately Loony dragged me out of the house to check it out; it’s only a block away.

Imagine how pleased I was to find that the organizers brought back the charming, fun, family and community event.

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Congratulations to the organizers (actually, it’s just one very busy lady). She brought the joy back to the Cicolvia and has once again turned it into an event I look forward to all year.


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