Last Days of Summer

You might as well stop reading unless you are Stefé or Pamcakes or Harmy.

My blog is as much a diary/photo album and this one is probably only interesting to me, but I don’t want to forget the beautiful last days of this summer.

The sunflowers are so tall

The sunflowers are so tall

There is part of me that fears memory loss, which is ironic given that I am known among my friends for having an incredible memory.

Yet still, should I lose my memory like in the movies (which is beyond rare in real life) I’ll need this record of my life.


Lord help me, future amnesia Viv is going to think she’s a raging alcoholic.

This summer fell into three distinct segments: before road trip, during road trip, after road trip.

Like a World War or the birth of Christ (if you believe in that kind of thing) our road trip was an enormous, defining event.

We returned from our trip tired and weakened, but it didn’t keep us from enjoying the last couple of weeks.

Three days after returning we met up with Jefé, Stefé and Harmy at the Denver Botanic Gardens to take in the Chihuly show once again at night.

As expected, the show was vastly improved, I daresay the installation was designed with dramatic evening lighting in mind. And yes, it was better without having to chase my kids around under the blazing sun and high-noon heat.


And then there was the wonderful company.

We’d been talking about getting together with Pamcakes and her HUSBAND! at their home all summer. We make it just under the wire.


I took a bunch of photos that night, which I then forgot about because of my iPhone debacle. 

Only now, a few weeks later, am I able to take a good look at them. I’m moved by the beauty of Boulder and the vast richness of my children’s lives.


They aren’t in the pictures because we made ourselves a cocktail and took a walk around the neighborhood while they played in the backyard.


Don’t worry, the dogs were watching them.

You're a good dog, Blue

You’re a good dog, Blue

In fact, many of these photos are from Pamcake’s mother’s back yard; she lives just down the street and we stopped by to do one arm pull-ups on her tree.

Pamcakes admitted that it took 40 years for her to appreciate the view just outside her bedroom window.

What a shitty view

What a shitty view

I guess I’ll be content if my kids eventually appreciate the lives they have when they are 40, if not earlier.

Hanging out in a tree with friends

Hanging out in a tree with friends

The boys spent the last week of summer in a half-day art camp just down the street, just the low-key kind of activity we all benefitted from. The afternoons were spent hanging out with friends, going to the pool and getting ice cream.

Ice cream at Sweet Cow

Ice cream at Sweet Cow

We had one last hurrah – a true summer’s swan song – until next time.

8 thoughts on “Last Days of Summer

  1. Love the post and photos. I hope you know I’m telling the truth when I tell you I’ve read (and enjoyed!) every single one of your blog entries 🙂

  2. Oh my, some very sentimental expression for you this post. I wonder why. You celebrate “the vast richness of my kids’ lives.” My dear Viv, where and how do you think those kids come by their riches? From YOU, only you–but also Lonnie, of course. From their wise and loving parents, I mean. We should all have it so good.

    p.s what’s with the wild-looking “Chiluly show” depicted in those photos? I mean, I know Dale Chiluly the glass artist, he’s one of Oregon’s own. But I’ve never seen or heard of such a display of his work, an outdoor “installation,” if that’s what you’d call it, at the Denver Botanical Gardens…lucky you. I mean, wow! it looks like Christmas in August! Did you take the boys?

    • I think Chihuly has outdoor installations all over the country. It’s fantastic. I took the boys at the beginning of the summer and vowed to come back. At night. Without them.

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