Coming In For A Landing

Yesterday I recalled a funny  airplane anecdote:

After a bumpy descent and a rough landing, a passenger on the plane remarked, “Did we land or were we shot down?”

That’s kind of how I felt yesterday returning home. This is despite the best efforts of our house sitters. Sometimes shit happens.

Saturday was Maggie and Pablo’s wedding in Boston, in perhaps the most inspired wedding location I’ve seen in a long time.

The vows, the location, the dress, HER RED HAIR, were so distinctly Maggie and Pablo: fiercely independent, intelligent, and creative. They preserved gravitas of the occasion without slavishly bowing to tradition. It was a pleasure.

I think those two have what it takes to make their marriage last, the number one thing being a deep understanding of human nature. They are both sociologists, after all.

We celebrated and danced and then woke up the next morning at 5am to start our cross country drive.

That's 1,422 miles. One way.

That’s only part of the trip. It was 32 hours of driving time total, not including breaks.

Oh to be small, where you can sleep anywhere, anytime, and not feel like you’ve been beaten with a crowbar.

IMG_6470I was a little more relaxed on the drive home because we had one less person in the car (Grandma went home with Loony’s brother) and we were able to offload some of the extra bedding we brought along.

We drove from 5am Sunday to 2am Monday, slept in the car at a rest stop until 4:30am and then hit the road again.

I wanted to get home. Bad.

I’d had enough of the road and vacation, especially all the eating. Most of the food was wonderful (albeit there is too much of a good thing as my waistline will attest) but ugh, road food.

Breakfast at McDonald's. I can stomach the oatmeal.

Breakfast at McDonald’s. I can stomach the oatmeal.

New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kansas. They are all really long hauls and if you are like me (not willing to veer off the fastest route) there is little to look at.

Middle of Nowhere

Middle of Nowhere

The weather on the road was all over the place. I think we drove through 20 storms. The last one was as we entered Colorado. Where else would it be sunny and raining at the same time?

We were going to make it back in town by 7pm, plenty of time for me to unpack the car, go to the grocery store, get some laundry started, put away clothes and wake up the next morning able to pretend that it never happened.

IMG_6518As always, my heart skips a beat when I drop into Boulder. The light was so beautiful that the plains next to the highway made me happy.

What I was really looking forward to was seeing my dog. He always greets us so enthusiastically. This is a super long video, you’ll get the idea after a few seconds.

He wasn’t as freaky happy to see us as usual. I take that as a very good sign; it meant that he was happy being cared for by Candy and Michael.

Minion reported that Blue got Double Walks every day because Michael would walk him, then he’d hit up Candy for a walk afterwards. Not bad at all.

I was less excited to see this:

Before you jump all over my house sitters, or think this is me complaining about them, let me explain a few things.

  1. This happens regularly, one of these days we Loony needs to rip it all out and redo the plumbing. At least it happened shortly before we got home and not just after we left. We would have been forced to pay for a plumber had it worked out that way.
  2. I know that Michael, Candy and Minion tried to plunge it out. It ended up being a job too big for most people. Good thing Loony is a master plumber.
  3. I’m really glad they didn’t call a plumber because this is something that Loony does well and he’d be unhappy to get stuck with the $1000 bill that this surely would cost.
  4. I’m kind of glad they didn’t warn me because it would have just filled the drive with anxiety.
  5. It’s Karma. Many, many years ago I housesat for someone and shoved a bunch of spinach stems down the disposal and bunged up their plumbing. Mercifully it cleared out, but still, I can’t blame someone for doing what I myself once did.

Anyway, it was a fun night and I’m kind of delirious.

Loony gave up on the clog around midnight and we turned in. I can’t tell you how happy I was to be in my own bed. This guy was pretty happy, too.

IMG_6537I have been away from home for so long that I woke up in the middle of the night disoriented. It took me a bit to figure out where I was.

I woke up early (as is my curse), was so happy to see Tabby on our walk that I actually cried. I got groceries and came home to find Loony still battling the drain.

He went at it with a plunger, then he used a Drain King blow bag (no dice) on the outgoing line (where the video was taken), snaked it from the basement (which had gunk coming through the ceiling) and then again from the top.

He managed to get a small amount of drainage with the snake, ran hot water and Draino through, blew it out with the Blow Bag and voila. By noon we were in business. I spent pretty much the rest of the day putting the kitchen back together and preparing lots of vegetables, which is what I’ll be eating from now on.

I must say, I admire Loony’s tenacity. He never gives up. He went at that drain four ways before he got it unstuck. Most people would have thrown in the towel.

Since I had to clear the cabinet in front of the drainpipe, I took the opportunity to cut some crap.


Storage containers. TRASH.

And look what I found in the freezer. 2008? The shame. I remember that soup, it was good.


Yummy compost

So I’m back home. The rest of the house was in great condition (thank you Michael) the animals are happy (thanks Candy) and I’m reunited with my true love.


I just love his goofy expression





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  1. Welcome home you guys! No matter how things were upon landing at Chez Frye…Pine St. in Boulder is where you belong! and I love the way you love your home. Blog more soon OK?

    • Thanks! It’s good to be home. Just this morning I woke up feeling rested. It was a long trip and it took longer than usual to feel like myself again. I’m laying low so I’m not putting myself in the way of fun things to blog about, but I’m sure something will happen soon.

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