I Couldn’t Look Dumber If I Tried

About 18 months ago I achieved escape velocity from Facebook. It was a glorious six months. There was so much more time and so much less drama and hatred. But then I got back into pole and even though Lemony was nice enough to email me class updates, I kind of felt like an asshole […]

Please Come Over And Let Me Cry In Your Boobies

I was going to post something I wrote while on the drive to and from the Hippy Dip a week ago. However, it doesn’t reflect my current emotional state. I didn’t plan on writing this but now here it is. I’m having a really bad week. 1. My mother who disowned me and my children has […]

Worthy Causes and That F’ing Cat

Did you know that it was just National Black Cat Appreciation Day? Have you ever heard of anything so stupid? It turns out that black cats are suffering from the demands of social media. They take shitty selfies (due to lack of contrast in their coloring) and aren’t being adopted as much as they used […]

Hippy Dip

I tweak my back on a fairly regular basis. I blame a bike wreck from when I was 18. As I get older it takes less and less to make it flare up. Before you jump all over pole dancing as the culprit, I must say that I have never hurt my back pole dancing. […]

Last Days of Summer

You might as well stop reading unless you are Stefé or Pamcakes or Harmy. My blog is as much a diary/photo album and this one is probably only interesting to me, but I don’t want to forget the beautiful last days of this summer. There is part of me that fears memory loss, which is […]

R.I.P. Robin Williams AKA Mork from Ork

Did you know that I live across the street from the Mork and Mindy house? Over the years the owners of the historic McAllister House have been cranky about people gawking and taking pictures of their home. They experienced a respite from all the attention with the younger generation having no idea what Mork and Mindy was or […]

I Was Asking For It

I haven’t blogged for a week because I am still exhausted from my epic road trip. That trip really took a toll on me, coupled with the fact that it’s the end of summer and I always am about to drop dead around mid-August, 21 day road trip or no. I just don’t have it in me […]

Coming In For A Landing

Yesterday I recalled a funny  airplane anecdote: After a bumpy descent and a rough landing, a passenger on the plane remarked, “Did we land or were we shot down?” That’s kind of how I felt yesterday returning home. This is despite the best efforts of our house sitters. Sometimes shit happens. Saturday was Maggie and Pablo’s […]