Sing Ho To The Open Road

I spent my summers during high school with my mother in Newark, New Jersey. She lived in student housing while getting her Ph.D. at Rutgers and the upshot was that I was trapped inside a high-rise dorm for pretty much two months each year. She was busy with classes and I was unable to leave […]

On the Road With Terrible Internet

I had every intention of blogging from the road but it turns out that I have almost zero internet access out here. My mother-in-law has a wifi router that gives me a nice strong signal but doesn’t appear to be connected to the internet. We have reindeer but no internet. I get a whole lotta […]

Staying Out of Trouble

I haven’t been blogging this week because, frankly, there is nothing to blog about. I spent the entire week driving the kids to Sunflower Farms camp in Longmont. Even though it is only a 20 minute drive, between the commute, getting everyone settled, and driving back it’s easily a one hour endeavor. It’s worth it, though. […]

An Actual Conversation About Bees

I originally titled this post “Men Are From Mars, My Husband is from Uranus” but that would be kind of rude. So I gave it a less biased title and you can decided who is from Uranus. We just had a swarm move into the tree in front of our house, something that we are […]

How to Make Fresh Cherry Pie Filling

I’ve been yapping about cherry pie on Facebook and Instagram this week because the trees in my neighborhood are booming with fruit. I thought I should post a tutorial before it’s too late for you to take advantage of the gift of free fruit. Unbelievably, most people have no interest in harvesting their sour cherries and all it […]

Vivienne Palmer, Medicine Woman

How am I doing? Not so good. But don’t worry, this isn’t a cry for help. I felt that creeping pain start in my middle back and work its way up to my chest so I took a break from processing 100 cups of cherries to pop a anti-anxiety pill. And write. Both make me feel […]

Revenge is Sweet Like Honey

A swarm of honeybees have taken up residence in the silver maple in front of my house! The same silver maple That Fucking Cat fell out of while chasing a squirrel. They have moved into the hollow in the tree that the squirrels live in. Or let me say, lived. Unlike the squirrels, I have no […]