Worthy of National Park Status

I can’t post from Acadia with the spotty internet so these mobile phone updates will have to do.

The good news is the Loony conceded that Acadia is sufficiently majestic to warrant national park status.
I’m sure park administrators everywhere are heaving a sigh of relief.

We were told that the Japanese gardens in the Rockefeller property were not to be missed.

They are open to the public on Thursdays from 9-1 and by appointment only. I didn’t know this.

I mentioned my interest to Chris at 11 on Thursday and he made a call and we were in at noon.

Oh my god.

I’m going to get all Burning Man, crazy eyes, nutso on you here.

If you haven’t been to Acadia, you have to go!

You. Have. To. Promise me you’ll go. NOW!

No no no. You don’t understand. YOU HAVE TO GO! And stay at least a week.

I’m lobbying to stay one more day. Our next stop is a week-long family reunion which is more than enough time to get sick of each other.

14 people in one house with no linens. Yah, it can wait a day.

I’m not tired of this yet.

Now I’m going to go see (I hope) some whales!

5 thoughts on “Worthy of National Park Status

  1. Love the Burning Man take! Now promise me we’ll go! I can only imagine the posts you would come up with. Pulitzer Prize material! And you can be sure that the extravagant RV will have linen and all the fix’ns. Also, stellar photo of you with hat. A selfie?

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