You’re Gonna Fall In Love With Old Cape Cod

Cape Cod was everything I hoped it would be. Beaches, sand dunes, lobster rolls and quaint architecture.

It was a happy mistake that we ended up with four days to spare on our trip or else I might never have made it to this part of the country. And with global warming coming on strong, who knows how long this part of the country will still be above water.

After we woke up, got coffee and felt human again, Loony insisted that we get the necessities out of the way.

I’m talking about going to an estate sale.

He can't help himself.

He can’t help himself.

To be fair we only went to one sale and we needed a few things. First and foremost, we needed a real glass. We brought along some scotch and a few bottles of wine. We didn’t bring real glasses. There is something about drinking out of disposable cups that deflates the experience.

I'll just have a water.

I’ll just have water.

We needed at least one glass and additional bedding because we found out that the house we rented in New Hampshire doesn’t provide sheets are towels.

Tsk. What kind of place does that?

Since grandma is traveling with us the boys have to sleep on the floor while we’re on the road so I needed comforters, sheets and something cushy to soften the ground.

Estate sales are the best place for this type of thing and I got to witness Loony’s savage bargaining. He’s an animal; I feel a mixture of awe and embarrassment when I watch him dicker down a seller.

We walked up with two armfuls of bedding and a few clothing items.

Loony: What kind of a deal can you give me on all this stuff?

Estate Sale Lady: It’s $10 a bag.

By my calculations and I think it would be about three or four bags.

Loony: This stuff is too bulky to fit in bags.

Estate Sale Lady: I’ll do $10 for the bedding and another $10 for the rest of it.

Lonny: How about $8 for everything.

Estate Sale Lady (not missing a beat): Okay.

Wow. How does he do that?

The next thing on my list was cutting my bangs. I was trying to grow them out but after looking at pictures, I realize that I’m better with bangs, at least for now.



This was a crisis situation. Yes, I only had the shittiest, rustiest scissors ever in my train case, but you can’t stop me!

Sorry Penny. You can fix it when I get back, right?

Not bad for shitty scissors.

Not bad for shitty scissors.

Once we got that out of way, we commenced with that Cape Cod-y stuff.

On to the touristy stuff we did (for my dad and MAC’s pleasure. Hi Dad!)

Seal watching!

There's a seal there, I promise. We also saw Finned Whales.

That’s a seal, I promise. We also saw Finned Whales.

Lobster rolls!

I'm going to gain ten pounds on this trip. I don't care.

I’m going to gain ten pounds on this trip. I don’t care.

Sand dunes!


Skipping stones!


Sight seeing!




We checked out several beaches during our couple days on the cape. I struck up a conversation with a local woman while the boys played in the water. I noticed how excited I was to chat her up about the weather and local roads. Why?

I’m a little tired of my family.

I love my family but I must admit, it’s super tight quarters and we’ve had only each other for company for the last week. Given that we are a hyper social bunch, it makes sense that I would be going a little stir crazy with only them to talk to, especially when 90% of the conversation is about:

  • When are we going clam digging (when we stay in a place with a kitchen)
  • When are we going to play mini golf (the next time we see one)
  • What day is it today? (insert day of week)
  • When are we going to see the cousins (in a week)
  • What day of the week is it (it’s the day after yesterday)
  • When is the reunion (Saturday)
  • What day is it today (I just told you)
  • Where should we go for lunch (anywhere with lobster)

I’m not joking. This is all we talk about. My mother-in-law, bless her heart, is getting a little forgetful and has every reason in the world to forget what I tell her, but I can only conclude that everyone else is just not listening to me.

Anyway,  I live in a town and in a house that draws tourist attention. People are forever taking pictures of my house and stopping to point at something I find completely mundane, like that gigantic picture of Betty Grable Loony nailed to the side of the house. I got to ask the nice beach lady all the questions that people vacationing in Boulder ask me.

It sounds like Boulder is better, hands down.

I asked her about the Bear Week signs all over town and in our hotel. Testiclese loves bears so I thought this would be plus for me. She about shot her drink out of her nose and then explained to me that Bear Week actually has nothing to do with real bears.

There are no real bears at bear week.

There are no real bears at bear week.

God, I’m so naive.

She told me that downtown P-town is pretty crazy at night with drag shows and a pretty wild nightlife. Who knew? I ditched left the kids with grandma while Loony and I checked out the nightlife. It reminded me of a lite version of Khao San in Bangkok.

Loony’s pretty traumatized by the parking so it was hard get him to leave the motel.

Great place!

Great place!

It was worth strolling around downtown. There were people everywhere and a vibrant LGBT community. I think Boulder has a strong community itself, but you’d never really know it. Everyone looks like spandex lumberjacks so you can’t tell who is straight and who isn’t. Not that it matters, except I being gay makes you cooler to me.

Back to the lady on the beach, it was no wonder I enjoyed having a linear conversation so much. It made me feel better about things because just earlier this day I looked on with envy at two older ladies who were vacationing together, kayaking and riding bikes. It seemed so easy, so effortless, so not annoying.

It was fun talking to someone I didn’t know, who had the capacity to surprise me. I need to talk to more strangers.

So we stayed a couple days in Cape Cod and now we are on the road again.

Here are some more pictures.

Next stop, Maine!


22 thoughts on “You’re Gonna Fall In Love With Old Cape Cod

  1. Glad you liked the Cape…. and you didn’t know P-Town is a gay hot spot?! It’s like mecca for them. Jeff and I have been toying with the idea of moving to the Cape in a couple years. His dad still owns a house there and we know a few couples our age-ish with kids who live there. Who knows, maybe you can come visit us there someday! Love the photos, btw. Have fun in Maine!

    • I thought PTown was Providence RI. My terrible geography is an embarrassment. Whatever, boulder needs more flaming gay men, not the low key heteroflexibles that plague our streets.

  2. So much fun! What a great way to make the best of being early and at loose ends. I hope you found the perfect glass for the libations. I hope those boys got sand in all the right spots! 🙂

    • That’s just what I need. To get drunk and try to get one if my in -laws to wrestle me. Or to be hung over in an 8 hour drive with my kids and MIL. Shoot me now!

  3. Viv just chill< OK? the bangs are fine for now so DONT GET CARRIED AWAY AND DO ANYTHING RASH! like cutting them off more! Until you get home…you know it is just amazing and wonderful, that your vacation posts are generating this many, like 16! responses from us your loyal hardcore of readers…drunk tho we may be when we read and respond…

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