On the Road With Terrible Internet

I had every intention of blogging from the road but it turns out that I have almost zero internet access out here.

My mother-in-law has a wifi router that gives me a nice strong signal but doesn’t appear to be connected to the internet.
We have reindeer but no internet.

I get a whole lotta nothing, coming in strong.

This means no email, no texts, no blogging, unless I go to Starbucks but I’m not going to spend my vacay there.

Unless things change, and I don’t think they will at least until after we clear Maine, I’m going dark.

You’ll have to wait until I get back to hear all about it.

Except this. Michigan cats are the sluttiest I’ve ever met, much to my cat loving family’s delight.

“Double Fantasy”

(If you are too young to get the joke, google image it.)


8 thoughts on “On the Road With Terrible Internet

  1. If I missed people I would say that I missed you. I don’t, but know that if I ever missed anyone- I would miss you!

    • Right. Same here (avoiding eye contact). These days I’ve become distrustful to extravagant declarations of love. I prefer your strange, awkward version more. It’s more sincere.

      Speaking of insincere love, Chickpea doesn’t love you. He loves me.

  2. whew! I had to rush over here! I thought the title said “On the Road With Terrible Intent” 😉 I’ll sit here and wait patiently for your return. In the mean time enjoy your slutty cats and reindeer games! Geesh! I really need to get out more. *waits impatiently*

    • God! I hate not having decent internet. Maybe Canada will be more helpful. I hope they have slutty cats at Niagara Falls. Those Michigan cats really spoiled me. It was a home run with each cat (home run = face in belly, BTW).

  3. Yeah, Testiclese is totally doing the Lennon w/Yoko pose there, isn’t he? Sorry your internet access sucks, Viv, but we’ll all be here when you get home. Meanwhile, take advantage! Luxuriate in your (temporary) freedom from e-tyranny! and enjoy the “vacay” time w/your dear ones. You deserve it, I’m sure…

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