Revenge is Sweet Like Honey

A swarm of honeybees have taken up residence in the silver maple in front of my house!

The same silver maple That Fucking Cat fell out of while chasing a squirrel.


They have moved into the hollow in the tree that the squirrels live in.

Or let me say, lived.

Unlike the squirrels, I have no problem with bees. Loony and I are downright seasoned veterans when it comes to bee swarms having captured one or two in our day.

We used to keep bees in our backyard but one year we failed to harvest the honey and the bees took the surplus as their cue to breed more queens and swarm in the spring.

It looks exactly like this.

It looks exactly like this.

I’m not a big honey eater, I only wanted to keep bees because 1) it’s badass and a strange thing to do, 2) we need bees more than they need us, 3) it’s just another thing that can go wrong and end disastrously which is like catnip to me.

They set up shop down the street in a hollow tree and I’d like to think that these bees are decedents of our original hive. I’m just happy to have them back and SUPER HAPPY that I don’t need to do anything to maintain them. I can just let them be themselves.

And then there is the revenge thing. Good luck with the bees, squirrel.

Yah! See ya!

Yah! See ya!



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