Belly Full of Pasta and Lebanese Wine

This post happened in Acadia. A friend called me while on this trip wanting to know how one makes money blogging. AHAHAHAHA! I can tell him a lot about blogging and making money. You get started blogging by setting up a WordPress or Blogger or Square or whatever account and then spend all your time […]

Sometimes You Have To Read Between the Lines

This whole road trip odyssey started with a family reunion. Loony’s family gets together every summer for a week or so at his sister’s lake house in South Carolina. This year, however, his brother’s daughter is getting married in Boston so the reunion is taking place in Hampton, NH instead. Since we were going to be […]

Acadia In Three Days

We only had three days on Acadia National Park before we had to move on to our next destination (with WIFI!) which is why I’m blasting the last three days at you all at once. I have to do something in the car… Speaking of WI-FI (or zee wee fee, as I like to say with […]

A Love Letter to Truck Stop Pie

Before you stands a new woman! I finally got a good night’s sleep. I can’t believe I am about to wax rhapsodic about a Best Western and a truck stop, but I am. (Shut up JT) I have slept in some monumentally shitty beds and eaten some extremely overpriced food in the last week so […]

Worthy of National Park Status

I can’t post from Acadia with the spotty internet so these mobile phone updates will have to do. The good news is the Loony conceded that Acadia is sufficiently majestic to warrant national park status. I’m sure park administrators everywhere are heaving a sigh of relief. We were told that the Japanese gardens in the […]

Those Aren’t Whales

You know that woman who is running around and frantically screaming her kid’s name? That was me. We went to the Cahoon Hollow beach on the way out of Cape Cod. The small dirt parking area and port-o-potties were at the edge of a drop-off, with a steep walk down to a well-populated beach. We […]

You’re Gonna Fall In Love With Old Cape Cod

Cape Cod was everything I hoped it would be. Beaches, sand dunes, lobster rolls and quaint architecture. It was a happy mistake that we ended up with four days to spare on our trip or else I might never have made it to this part of the country. And with global warming coming on strong, […]

Oh Canada!

I’m not sure why this didn’t post a couple days ago. I did not go to Canada again, just in case you are mapping my movements. This came before Cape Cod. ……………………………………………………. I’m a little traumatized by the most recent leg of our trip. We left Midland around noon and crossed the Canadian border where […]

I Meant To Do That

Sometimes I do something so boneheaded that I am almost (almost) tempted to pretend it never happened. I believe in the power of unburdening myself publicly because I figure that it’s better for me out myself than to have someone else do it. So here goes. I left for vacation four days early. Yes, I […]