Would It Be Weird?

Loony met a guy who lives down the street in small apartment building.

Two brothers share a neighboring unit and they get really hammered and argue loudly all night. The neighbors have started weighing in by yelling, “Noooo, fuck YOU!” and such through the walls.

What I want to know is this. Would it be awkward if I asked to hang out at this guy’s house one night so I could live blog the fight? Because that sounds like something I would really enjoy.

22 thoughts on “Would It Be Weird?

      • Carry some boxing gloves.. just in case, and seriously, let looney’ s friend film YOU bc I can’t wait to see you go all pole dancing in shape whip arse on their drunken stoopid sorry selves. I see YouTube million views in your future and it’s gonna be EPIC /

        • Oh geez, I don’t know. Trying to pick that fight with Nadia was about the closest I’ve ever come to mano a mano. I think I dodged a bullet with that one too!

        • yeah, erm, I think so too. If she’d had “THAT, was it tequila?” (you know that one, the one were the drink before it was all fun and games and the next one, its no holds barred? Oh wait, NM YOU had THAT tequila) But I digress, I think if she’d had it, you’d be over because tho she was small, she was kinda scrappy, I think she coulda taken you down for the count. um, not that you’re just nutella and marshmallow fluff or anything like that. *backs from the thread slowly*

        • No way. I’d be a goner. She might be small but she’s way stronger than me, check out her videos on youtube (Nadia Shariff) AND she’s from LA which makes her scrappy.

        • (And you notice I didn’t say don’t drink. If I said that and you didn’t drink I wouldn’t see any more of those pulitzer worthy blog posts! ) 😀

  1. No not awkward at all. If I were you I would check out their recycling to figure out the fight fuel of their choice and leave a bottle of it on their porch with a bow that says enjoy to insure an awesome show.

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