Have You Selfied With Your Dog Today?


It’s a gorgeous day! Yesterday was gorgeous too but I was h.u.n.g.o.v.e.r and unable to appreciate life’s gifts. And I had to venture into the 7th ring of hell. Costco. With kids.

But today?

I dropped by the Hanuman Yoga festival to see what has been keeping me away from my Tabby.

She was there with her sister, Candy, who is just as impossible to understand with her thick accent. Whatever.

We are enjoying a little pool and lunch before I have to go home and throw a party for Nadia and Marlo.


I’m going to try to keep myself under control and not attack any international pole stars. Given that it’s 11am and I’ve already had a Marg, I’m not gonna make any promises.

It wasn’t my fault. They were free! It’s wrong to turn down free drinks.

Really? No way.

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