Would It Be Weird?

Loony met a guy who lives down the street in small apartment building. Two brothers share a neighboring unit and they get really hammered and argue loudly all night. The neighbors have started weighing in by yelling, “Noooo, fuck YOU!” and such through the walls. What I want to know is this. Would it be awkward […]

Bad Hair and Free Association

What week is it? I dunno. Time blurs without the structure of school to keep me focused. This has been a profoundly uninteresting week, I mean, except for That Fucking Cat’s Drama, I’ve been doing Mommy Camp. The one thing I’m very disciplined about is loading my phone’s photos onto my computer, editing and tagging […]

Living With A Pathological Liar

I first heard about Clark Rockefeller (or rather the man who went by that name) on NPR when the author of the latest book about him did an interview. The story was fascinating: a teenage German immigrant constructed a series of false identities, culminating in the grandiose persona of Clark Rockefeller, a non-existent distant relative […]

Happy Father’s Day 2014

Today, Father’s Day, I got definitive proof that Scrotus is beyond the shadow of a doubt my child. Just a few days ago I got proof that Testiclese is my son, so it is opportune that his brother’s legitimacy should be validated so soon. After my Mother’s Day disaster, I have been trying to make an effort to […]