You Get To See Linda Twerking

I couldn’t think of a better title but I figured this might get my stats booming …

… but you are going to have to endure pictures of my dog first …


Bluers like to sniff flowers on our walks

… “Nitro” limbering up for his turn on the pole at the POLEder Boulder …

… me showing of my extremely muscular nostrils and pinpoint control …

… a little pictorial tutorial on how to convert that claw foot tub you just happen to have hanging out on your second floor porch into a tomato planter (because everyone has an extra claw foot tub hanging out on their second floor) …

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

… read the oh-so-relevent fortune that came in my cookie last night …

IMG_7955… admire my industriousness as I Cut the Crap through all of the boys’ artwork and school stuff sent home (the Scansnap is getting hot!) …

IMG_7957… avert your eyes in horror at a little teaser for the POLEder Boulder post …

The runner's face says it all

The runner’s face says it all

I’m sorry. That was mean. Here you go, you earned it!

The 3rd annual POLEder Boulder was a blast! Ladies (and gentlemen) from Vertical Fusion and Boulder Spirals showed up and poled until the last, sorry walkers were picked up by the vans.

I’ll post more about it later, I’m still plowing through about a billion pictures of Linda’s ass.



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