Who’s An Asshole at 6 A.M?



I stayed up until 1 A.M. drunk posted because I love you and I didn’t want to disappoint The Norwegian Nanny. At the time I didn’t think I was that drunk but in the clear light of day …

Maybe I was?

You can only imagine how happy I felt this morning when Blue decided to get chuffy at sub 6 A.M.

Loony told him to go fuck himself which left it up to me to walk him.

You’d think the big guy would take it easy on me given that I sewed up his favorite dinosaur toy by hand. But no.

He was catlike in his ingratitude.

Last night was epic. It started off with a happy hour that turned into a sausage party, which is pretty much the way it always goes with me.

Sausage party

Sausage party

I planned on having it feel like a kid-free event because they were supposed to stay outside while the grownups sipped wine inside, blissfully shielded from the chaos.

Then came a rain of biblical proportions.

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But it was still such a great evening. I totally rolled with the soggy kids, screaming and Nerf guns.

The adults cowered on the porch away from the rain while the kids full on ran around in it.

IMG_6978I think we were pushing 30 people at one point which might not sound like a lot but imaging that they all wanted to shove into your kitchen … and eat.

IMG_6968It was super loud and chaotic with the kids running around like wild animals but for the most part they didn’t mess with us. They were totally in their zone.

Disturbing pile of weapons

Disturbing pile of weapons

Kids have to be kids sometime right? Sure they are quieter when they are plugged in to the TV or iPhone, but shouldn’t they be able to run around and be loud? Isn’t that what kids are supposed to do when they get together to play?

I was tickled pink by the chaos, especially since I got to blow off some steam afterwards by dancing my butt off with the Betties.

Seeing the Goonies is like going to a Karaoke party where everyone sings at the same time.

Seeing the Goonies is like going to a Karaoke party where everyone sings at the same time.

I was not so thrilled when Blue got me out of bed after a mere four hours of sleep but I begged Tabby to walk with me because I couldn’t face it on my own.


Harmy and Tabby rocking the black and white optical prints. I think Tabby is crouching down because she is damn tall.

Thank god for Tabby.

The question of the day is how I managed to hurt my butt dancing. Lemony says it means that I’m doing it right.

8 thoughts on “Who’s An Asshole at 6 A.M?

  1. Boulder, where all the women are beautiful (and no doubt strong), and all the kids as well. The men I see hanging around, though, look kind of on the OLD side. Or as one might more politely say, OLDER, meaning really just OLD. Say like around my age. Unlike me, though, they’ve no doubt been power players out there in the Real World, made their marks and their $$$ and thereby have been able to reap the fruits, i.e. to attract nice-looking, fit & healthy women to breed with. Which of course accounts for all the beautiful kids. Who says it only happens in fantasy?

    • I dunno. Boulder has plenty of older parents, it’s quite normal to be in your late 30’s and early 40’s and having babies. At least everyone is relatively well preserved.

    • If you are referring to the picture on the porch, one of the old guys is quite old, a grandfather and our lovely (now retired) pediatrician from across the street. You will be relieved to know that his wife is quite age appropriate.

    • Having a pediatrician across the street is FANTASTIC! His wife is a pediatric nurse practitioner and educator. Once my youngest started choking on their porch. I was completely relaxed. I was all, “So, what are you gonna do?” They totally handled it.

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