The Dog Ate My Salad

I haven’t been very inspired to write lately. But today is gorgeous and I thought I’d share some pictures with you.

Blue ate my beautiful salad which means we will be sleeping in the living room in case of a midnight poop-splotion.

Good thing for this chick he’s a vegetarian.


We brought the month-old chicks out the Coop du Jour for fresh air and sunshine.

That Fucking Cat, however, is not a vegetarian.

She wants to know if they taste like chicken.

Springtime gives me a lot to be grateful for.

4 thoughts on “The Dog Ate My Salad

  1. The picture with the cat is priceless! It’s like the big tank of lobsters at the seafood place. My dog KT the jack Russell terriorist is like your baby Blue. She is happiest when she is snarfing carrots. I tell her it’s chocolate and she can eat it bc she is a real live girl. Yeah I know, I am a dog lady at heart. 😉 I hope you are feeling a little better Viv. 😀

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