There are 1000 People In My House

Yesterday I had the rare experience of having no one in my house except me.

No kids, no Loony, no Minion, no Moneypenny, no renters. No one.

Hi Minion!

A rare Minion sighting. He exists!


It was incredible.

For the win!

For the win!

It got me wondering how many people come and go from my house each year. Not including employees and friends, I calculated that somewhere between 750-1000 people spend the night in my house.

Like this many people!

Like this many people!

Isn’t that nuts? How is that even possible? How am I still sane?

Because it’s better than crazy housemates, and I’m not talking about my wonderful housemates.


I’ll post about that soon. I’m still coming to terms with one of my most traumatic housemate experiences ever. I’ve written the post but I still need to pull the trigger.


But HOLY SHIT, that’s a lot of people! Friends ask if I get to know my clients.

“Nope. There are too many of them.” I had no idea how many that actually was.


People think that VRBO and AirBnB is free money but let me assure you, it isn’t. Aside from becoming a Professional Toilet Cleaner, it takes a certain kind of personality to deal with two kids, pets, an in-house eBay business with two employees and a constant flow of new faces.


Today I agreed to let my guests throw a graduation party for 25 on the property. I don’t have to do anything, they hired a caterer who is a friend of mine and will be doing all the prep in my kitchen, which is vastly preferable to them gumming up the rental kitchen which is beautiful to look at but a bitch to clean.

And I didn’t charge them any extra money. What’s wrong with me? I need to get some better business sense. I’m getting out of here.

I’m not going to edit this post, BTW.

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