Creamy Vegan Cauliflower and Chickpea Soup

I heard a disturbing article on NPR this morning about how global warming may lead to faster growing plants that are less nutrient dense.

The big solution is to curb global warming by cutting CO2 emissions (goodbye coal and gasoline, hello solar) and the  smaller problem of nutrition in my home is to eat more nutritionally dense food.

I love this soup, my kids like it too, and it’s a wonderful, mild and creamy way to get lots of vegetables, protein and healthy fat into your diet.


I give them a cup of this soup to enjoy with pasta or a sandwich and feel smug that I’ve managed to get them to eat more vegetables. It goes down easily.

While it’s made with coconut milk and oil, it doesn’t taste coconutty at all. It’s a wonderful blank slate to jazz up with curry powder, fresh herbs and toppings (pesto, nuts, etc.). Enjoy.


The basic ingredients minus about a cup of baby carrots, I forgot to put those in the picture.

It’s so easy to make. I’ll make a big pot while working on something else. It keeps great in the fridge and warm up a bowl for my breakfast.

I’m strange that way, I like savory things first thing in the morning.


It is vegan, grain and gluten free. Even the most restricted eaters will be able to enjoy this.

Sauté one chopped yellow onion in about a tablespoon of coconut oil. Add one head of chopped cauliflower, a handful of baby carrots, a can of drained garbanzo beans, a can of chopped tomatoes (with liquid, or chopped fresh tomatoes), one can a unsweetened coconut milk, 2 bay leaves, water to just barely cover and a vegan bullion cube.

Simmer covered until veggies are soft. Remove bay leaves and blend. Season with salt and pepper.

In other news, we’ve been having wet weather which makes for super lush foliage. I love how the path on my morning walk has filled in.


I’m stupidly in love with my dog, which makes sense given that he is very stupid.

Photo on 5-8-14 at 10.22 AM #2

Please let go of my face, mom. I can’t breathe.

He likes to tower over me while I stretch on the floor. This is a pretty common view for me.


I love his flappy lips as long as he doesn’t burp when I’m in this position. It scares me.

It wouldn’t be a Viv post if I didn’t include some footage of my kids being annoying. I caught them doing this while driving to Alana’s baby shower.

Yep, I can’t wait for our road trip to the East Coast this summer.

6 thoughts on “Creamy Vegan Cauliflower and Chickpea Soup

  1. The soup sounds delicious! I’m with you on cold weather making me want soup. When you say blend do you mean in a food processor until smooth? Or should it be a chunky soup?

    • We’ve been doing that 29 hour hoof for the last 2 years, both times with Blue. This year we have to leave him which is already causing angst in our house.

        • I know! He’s really good on those road trips. He wedges himself between the boys the entire time, even though he has the whole back of the van to stretch out in. Loony is more upset about it than anyone. For as tough as he likes to act about our animals, he’s a big softie.

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