Vertical Gardening with Florafelt

The spring weather is finally back after a week long hiatus and JUST IN TIME for me Loony to install my new Florafelt Vertical Garden.

Look what came in the mail!

Look what came in the mail!

Before I could get started with the fun part, I Loony had to mount it on the exterior of the house.

This required great care because we have brick walls.  I stopped off at Turduckin’s and picked up the right masonry anchors and carabiners.

Faced with all the right parts (and no excuses) he had no choice but to comply unless he wanted me drilling into the house willy nilly.

Turning me on

This turns me on.

He set anchors in the mortar and hung carabiners off of them so we can take the planters down for storage in the winter. I really hope they last more than a season.

If they last several seasons, $129 for a 12-pocket system is a good deal, especially since I priced out how to make an inferior system DIY.

If they fall apart after just one? Not so much.


Mounted on the wall and ready to go.

I got Loony to model his various looks while I had the camera out.

Blue Steel

Blue Steel, Magnum and The Man I Love.

Before I garden, I always dress for the occasion.


I made this dress just for gardening. I need to fashion an apron with tool pockets to go over it.

Planting the Florafelt Vertical Garden was as easy as advertised. The hardest part for me was deciding what plants to buy.

Decisions, decisions.

Decisions, decisions.

I went with showy annuals, vines and creeping ground cover for variety.

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I am so psyched about my Florafelt vertical planters.

And this one, easy as eating pie.

Easy as eating pie!

I hope it turns out better than my upside down tomatoes.


Those were a disaster.


My darling AK sent me this sign

I threw a last-minute FAC to christen the newly beautified porches … and Spring.


The Liquid Therapy group convenes!

Coorslight arrived with the intention of getting outfitted for a hoity toity Kentucky Derby party the next day. I maintained that his facial hair grooming needed to pop so I darkened his beard with mascara.

jimBetween the facial hair and the outfit, he looked like Scarface would if he owned a horse in the Derby.

Spring is a glorious time and having friends on the porch is the best.


Everyone popped upstairs to see the second floor planter and take in the view and soft Spring air.

IMG_5827Life is but a dream.


4 thoughts on “Vertical Gardening with Florafelt

  1. Turduckin’s! You are too funny. There’s not a lot I miss about Boulder, but Turduckin’s is most definitely one and you are another. I wanna come by for an impromptu porch party too! Love your garden frock.

    • You know that you will never be ignored at Turduckin’s even if you only need four screws. I’ve been getting lots of compliments on your mural lately. It has held up so well, especially given that it’s nine years old. I would love to see you.

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