Blog Faster!

The other day I was hanging out at Wu’s house, consoling him about his busted Achille’s tendon while his wife got the baby ready to go on a walk with me.

“I have four children now,” she texted me along with a picture of Jeff lying on the couch with his leg propped up and a newborn baby on his chest.

Oh shit.

He’s a blogger as well and (what a shocker) he hasn’t been blogging much because of that E.R. doctor thing, and cycling clothing designer thing, and that three children between the ages of zero and eight thing.

I was lamenting that my numbers are down since I stopped cutting the crap and writing every day.

Well, not really lamenting because I don’t really care that much anymore.


I met with a woman who is very good at monetizing websites but it all comes down to lots of advertising, product placement, product reviews and selling webinars about how to get your shit together.

The product pushing part is so unbelievably counter to my mission (less stuff, not more) that I couldn’t stomach the thought of it, and I don’t think I have the cred to give lifestyle advice since half my blogs are about me being hung over, depressed or completely overwhelmed by everything.

Who would pay $19.95 for a shitty webinar from me?

For $19.95 you can achieve stunning results like this in just 30 days!

For $19.95 you can achieve stunning results like this in just 30 days!

This is what my sunroom and dining room look like right now. As in today.

It’s not my fault, I blame Loony who is 100% responsible for this shit but today I’m going to figure out what do with it all before I kill either him or myself.

Anway, I’ve reconciled my blog to obscurity. I blog because I like to write, which is really the only reason one should blog at all.

While I don’t get paid, I consider myself a professional because I have over 500 posts and most people’s blogs flame out after a week.

Wu was all, “If you want lots of hits, you have to blog a lot.”

“Oh really? I blogged every fucking day. FOR A YEAR!” You can’t blog more than that. Where’s my check?


But I have been taking a ton of photos and until my dad (HI DAD!) figures out how to use his phone and Instagram, I’ll throw them up here.

Long shadows from an early morning dog walk

Long shadows from our early morning dog walk

I can't believe I gave up watching True Detective so Lonny could watch the Av's lose last night. Napping with the Blue dog instead.

I can’t believe I gave up watching True Detective so Loony could watch the Av’s lose last night. Napping with the Blue dog instead.

Shit my kid says.

Shit my kid says.

Time to make my list. It’s gonna be a doozy.

6 thoughts on “Blog Faster!

    • For $19.95 I’d make it worth it, which means a very embarrassing wardrobe malfunction and probably getting busted by one of my kids for swearing.

  1. I’d pay too. Or maybe it goes back to just the loyal original 13? Either way, as long as you keep writing I’ll keep reading. Love the early morning shadow pic, makes you look really tall…

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