Jesus, children and China: why everyone wants to know about pole fitness

It’s about time!

Pole Positions

We wanted to find out how interest in pole fitness has grown over time, so we looked at Google Trends’ data on how often people have been searching the term “pole fitness” since 2005. The data confirmed our suspicions:

Year Popularity index from Google
2006 12.21
2007 13.50
2008 17.50
2009 26.29
2010 32.73
2011 36.96
2012 40.58
2013 42.82

The maths types among you will know that this shows an infinity-fold increase in interest from 2005-2013.

Below is a visualisation of the data. We’ve also added some annotations which may explain spikes in searches at certain times, featuring pole dancing for Jesus and a botched plan to ban poles in a Chinese city – click on the image to view it in a new window.

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