Languages of Love: Cat vs. Dog

I am working on an entire post about the Moneypenny’s experience cat sitting, but I’ll give you this as a little warm up.

Everyone knows that cats and dogs are different.


Or toilet … or maybe neither as the case may be.

Dogs are always psyched they are to see you. Cats? Not so much.


Dogs are affectionate and loving.

Cats are affectionate and loving, too …

… until they don’t feel like it which is usually two-and-a-half seconds after you started petting them.


The best thing about dogs is that you can take them anywhere you can go by car.

Cat Vs Dog Car Rides

But Jamaica is not reachable by car so we had no choice but to leave the dog and cat behind. Moneypenny stayed with That Fucking Cat and Tabby took Blue.

Who would guess that a 120 pound neurotic Great Dane would be easier to take care of?

We got home late at night so we waited until the morning to pick Blue up. This is the lovely reception we got.

Part of the allure of cats is their elusiveness. They make you work for their love and when they chose to grace you with their affection, you feel validated, dare I say chosen?

They feed on the emotionally insecure, such as myself, but I must say, That Fucking Cat is pushing her luck.

This is the reception we got from That Fucking Cat.


That’s my bed.

Needless to say we have been sleeping in the guest room. Why do I have a cat again?

12 thoughts on “Languages of Love: Cat vs. Dog

  1. Ok Blue’s reception of you was adorable, and you have a cat because you still want the love TFC gives…even if it’s when she is pissed off.

  2. Oh my god your poor mattress… These people I house sat for pretty regularly until their kids became old enough to do it had to put down a plastic tarp under crappy blankets every time they would leave because the cats would always shit or piss on their bed when they would be gone for more than a day. They couldn’t close the door because one of the cats never leaves from under the bed except for at night to eat and use the box. In all the time I spent there I only saw that cat once. For all I know it could have been a neighborhood cat who snuck in.

    Blues reaction was amazing. Puppy excitement is the best thing to come home to.

    • I just treated the mattress again. Yesterday I used Nature’s Miracle (which doesn’t work, BTW) so today I tried something I found on the internet. Douse the area with a 50/50 water/white vinegar solution. Suck out with a shop vac. Coat thickly with baking soda and work in a peroxide/dish soap solution. Now I have to let it sit and dry. I really hope it works! Next time I go out of town, I’ll be closing the doors to the bedrooms.

  3. I’m thinking someone was angry you weren’t around to blog about what a genius they are since they can use the toilet? Look at it this way Viv, your cat helped you decide one more thing to get rid of. 😀

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