Nina’s Guilty Pleasures

My list making initiative has been going really well, I’m getting a ton done and feeling better about myself. Part of the deal with the lists is to take time off on the weekends and enjoy life. I’m trying to focus more on the boys, spending more time doing what they want to do rather […]

Pantry Therapy

I’m on a morose kick but what can I say? It’s what’s going on. My brain is still feeling all tweaky, my heart pounds and my chest is tight. I feel crushed by daily activities but I’m trying to deal. I’m good at bucking up no matter how craptastic I feel, and maybe it isn’t […]

Idle Hands and Panic Attacks

It’s slow news around here these days. I think I need a big project otherwise I just waste my time dinking around on my computer making stupid videos, like this … I’m also taking lots of selfies with the dogs. The little dog being around is a fun distraction and the boys adore him. Testiclese is full-on […]

Missing Dog and Life’s Great Ironies

Tabby is out of town and I’ve got the Chihuahua again. The boys are in heaven. Blue and That Fucking Cat are not quite so pleased with the turn of events but I like to see a good fight every now and then, even if it means instigating. Of course Chickpea is a total asshole […]

Kale and Garlic Mashed Potatoes and Cauliflower

Testiclese is the Terminator when it comes to trying new things. It may have helped that I told him that eating more vegetables would make him catch up to his older brother sooner. This was only reinforced on our recent trip to Jamaica where they were asked if they were twins about twenty times a […]

That F#cking Cat Wins

Of course that Fucking Cat won. She’s a cat and they ALWAYS win. What a shocker. We tried so hard to train That Fucking Cat how to use the toilet and I think we were making real progress. She was pooping and peeing in it, albeit with a training ring in place. Everything was going […]

There are Stoners in My Rental!

It’s no secret that pot is now legal in Colorado. I didn’t think it would affect me that much, but apparently it has. Two words: Marijuana Tourism. It took me exactly two seconds to realize what brought my latest clients to my AirBnB space. Mary J. As I checked them in (here is the coffee maker, here’s the […]