I’m Back From Jamaica!

Hey everyone, I’m back from vacation!

I made a weak attempt to post from the island but resort wi-fi was ridiculously slow. I wasn’t able to load a single web page.

The only reason they provide wi-fi for free is frustrate you to the point of shelling out $15 a day for the “high speed” version.

I decided it was better take a break from blogging and I can’t say that I was confident that the high-speed version would be much better.

My preferred speed on vacation.

My preferred speed on vacation.

I have tons to share but today is my re-entry day.

We got in late last night with two sleeping kids in the car. Five minutes away I got a call from a client who wanted to know why the apartment wasn’t ready.


In my defense, there was some very sketchy, last minute communication between me in Jamaica and him in Bali. I had him down for arriving on Monday so imagine my horror when he showed up Sunday.

Fortunately there was no one in the space but I hadn’t gotten it ready for him. I skipped picking up Blue and went straight home to change some sheets and discover That Fucking Cat had destroyed my bed.

Literally. But more on that later.

I should have brought this cat back to replace my Fucking Cat.

I should have brought this cat back to replace my Fucking Cat.

I’ve gotta go. I have a ton of laundry, I have to read through the boys’ Friday folders (teehee) to see if there was anything we should have been doing over the break, pick up the dog (hopefully he won’t break his leg jumping up and down when he sees me), hit the grocery store (not that I’ll be eating anything for the next week) and look for a new mattress.

Did I mention that it is wonderful to be home? Really. It is.

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  1. Glad you’re back. The internet seems so empty and pointless without your blog. More from me soon, very soon…

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