Custom Made Sundress For Sale: CHEAP!

My annual rite of Spring is to sew a sundress, even though it may be snowing outside.

I sewed the dress I cut out during the epic sleepover and just in time to try it on, the sun came out and the snow melted.

Punxsutawney Phil has nothing on me!

It's too fucking small!!!

It’s too fucking small!!!

I blame pole dancing for my ginormous chest, because it isn’t my boobs. It needs about an inch all around to keep it from being a booby-crushing sausage casing. While I’m at it, I’d lengthen the waist by about an inch.

This is what I get for trying new patterns.

I like the pattern, though, enough to try again. I think I’ll do it in a slightly more chic fabric, like black linen.

If you are just a little bit smaller than me (size 38B chest, size 28 jeans) THIS DRESS CAN BE YOURS for the price of materials ($35). Let me know if you are interested.

It was fun to sew on a snowy weekend, though, especially when I emerged to this …

I did this!

I did this!

We are in a seemingly perpetual snow/thaw cycle that is otherwise known as Springtime in Boulder, but as long as I can get outside with the big guy, I’m happy.


Master Blue needs his daily walkies.

Loonie brought home something he said I would be very excited about.

BILL THE CAT! I love Bill The Cat!

This is a totally vintage t-shirt featuring my favorite feline. I was even a card carrying member of the Bill The Cat Fan Club in the 5th grade.

Bill The Cat!

Bill The Cat! ACK!

I put on the shirt and told Loony that this is proof that he actually listens to me when I’m talking.

“Well, that’s a stretch.”

He said it, not me.

13 thoughts on “Custom Made Sundress For Sale: CHEAP!

  1. Just got back from walking the trails with hubby and puppies. The best way to start the day.
    That is too bad your dress is too tight. That is why I like to use an “eh” fabric and only on the top part of the dress to see how well it fits. Making a pattern for the first time using “fashion fabric” is too risky. I hate doing all that work and not having it turn out.
    I think what has probably gotten bigger(stronger)is your back. The exercises I have seen on your blog is serious upper body work(lower body work too for that matter)so you will probably have to alter your patterns. They are not expecting woman to be so buff 🙂
    I know with me if my back is involved I wear a much bigger size, if it is backless it is a different story.
    Do you have a dress form? I just got one about 10 years ago. How did I go so long without one? You could pin the pattern on your form and get a better idea how it will fit.
    My mom, who use to make us wool coats with velvet collars and covered buttons when we were in Germany, says she couldn’t be bothered with doing a trial run with eh fabric. I wouldn’t make the whole dress just the parts that need to be more fitted.

  2. I haven’t seen bill the cat in ages, that brought back some memories,love that tee, So vantage
    I love the 40 style of that dress, I think you’re right though it needs a little more classic material, you get a beautiful job and I do like the green so springy but too small for me, too bad

    • Shipping to NZ would be murder, too. Your pictures make me want to pack up the family and visit you guys so we can ride horses on the beach all day. What a gig!

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