Litter Kwitter Modification

I am blogging from a woman’s “retreat” up in the mountains.

I’ve always struggled with girly retreats because I don’t think I’m feminine enough.

While female, I don’t get into super girly stuff and girly stuff is what most ladies’ retreats are all about.

I think the condition of my feet should be indicative of how much I care about pedicures and the like.

Too lazy to remove polish. It just chips off over time. The abrasion on my knuckle is from Waeli's class.

I’m too lazy to remove polish so I let it chip off over the course of months. The abrasion on my pinky knuckle is from Waeli’s class. Dang her.

But Pamcakes promised me that this group is different.

I will, at no time, feel like I am the most inappropriate person in the room. Now that’s saying something.


I don’t know most of the ladies who are going, but judging by the epic IM conversation surrounding the planning of the weekend, I think we’ll get along just fine.


But you probably want to know how That Fucking Cat is doing with her toilet training. Right?

Not so great.

Everything is fine with her on the red ring of the Litter Kwitter.


No problems. I fill it with litter and set it inside the toilet bowl. It’s essentially a shallow litter box.

But once I switch to the orange ring that has the hole in it, she completely freaks out and craps on Loony’s merchandise.

I talked to Tabby and she thinks the hole in the orange ring is too large. The change is too abrupt for TFC’s tiny little brain to process so she defaults to crapping anywhere she wants because that’s what cats do.


This makes me laugh so hard.

Tabby made her own toilet training device out of a disposable turkey roasting pan and has had success by starting with a very small hole and gradually increasing the diameter.

I like the Litter Kwitter because it is easy to remove it from the toilet for human use.

Minion is already ticked enough about having to share a toilet with the cat and I think making it even more challenging would really piss him off. I chased him around with it the other day and he got really mad at me.

So here’s what I did.



I cut up a disposable aluminum roasting pan and taped it to the bottom of the orange ring. Then I poked a small hole in the center.

Even though I’m using a non-clumping litter, we have old pipes and I’d like to keep as much of it out of our system as possible.

I had to threaten the guy at Pet Smart to let me have the last bag of this stuff. He was saving it for someone else.

I had to threaten the guy at Pet Smart to let me have the last bag of this stuff. He was saving it for someone else.

I taped a to-go container to the bottom to catch stray pellets. In hindsight, I should have put the lid on the container, cut a hole in the bottom and taped it hole-side to the foil. Then I could easily remove the lid to empty it. Next time.

Anyway, let’s see if this works.


I’m paranoid she won’t use it and I think my nose is tricking me into thinking I smell cat pee everywhere. Please don’t let it be cat pee.

If this doesn’t work I’ll probably admit defeat and go back to a litter box. I’m going to blame it all on Tabby because that’s what I like to do.

Either way, it’s Loony’s problem this weekend.

Now that I’ve got my post all done (and wasn’t it magnificent?) I have some serious business to get to.

Namely polishing off this …


I hope no one else wants it because I’m going to eat it all.

… while catching up on some very important reading.


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