Cringe Party

It’s happening tonight!

Vivienne's Process of Elimination



Enough with the high-pressure, sexy parties that end up in Total Relationship Destruction because, really, you wanted to break up but didn’t have the heart to do it on The Most Romantic Day Of The Year.

But the pressure got to you and you did it anyway.


Worst. Valentine’s. Day. Ever.

You aren't alone You aren’t alone

Not at my house. Not at my party. No sir.

Fuck that, I’m throwing a cringe party instead.

Bust out those elastic waist sweat pants (or “jeggings” if you must), bring those Cool Ranch Doritos that you and your friends used to go to town on, and most importantly, bring something of a personal nature to sacrifice.

Price of admission: Something truly humiliating to share with the crowd.


1146 This would do, but it has to be of you.

  • Awkward yearbook photos from junior high
  • Embarrassingly ernest love letter

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