I Made You A Thing For Your Birthday, Dad!

It’s my dad’s birthday and again I have deprived him of his greatest wish … to have something to hold over me for a whole year. That thing being me forgetting his birthday.

My dad and a great love of his life, his Ducati. Looking good Dad!

My dad and a great love of his life, his Ducati. Looking good Dad!

Sorry Dad, not this year. I made something for your birthday!

You can stop avoiding the telephone and email. I know you get a notice whenever I post something new, timestamped and everything!

Sometimes blogging really works for me. Now I can relax! I hope you are relaxing and doing something lovely today.

I wish we could be together so I could make breakfast for you. Happy Birthday, Dad. I love you.

6 thoughts on “I Made You A Thing For Your Birthday, Dad!

  1. Viv,
    Thank you SO MUCH for a special Birthday Post on the greatest website of all time. For the entire last year I have looked forward to clicking on your blog and starting the day admiring your wit, wisdom, and extraordinary writing. And the Birthday Video to boot! You can read me–and my ways–like a book!

    I so wish I were able to be with you and your family today and enjoy the “feel good about yourself” breakfast you so lovingly prepared.

    I’m the luckiest Dad in the world!

    Love, Dad

    • It would be a feel good about yourself breakfast until you ate a whole loaf of bread with an entire jar of jam. But hopefully you would give yourself a break on this one day.

  2. Very sweet!! Now that I’ve seen a pic of your dad, do I see him in your boys…..? Methinks so. 🙂
    Happy birthday, Mac!

    • Scrotus takes after him for sure. Both my boys show lots of signs of my father and Loony. I can’t see much of myself in either of them (physically at least) but I’m 98% certain that I’m the mother.

  3. Love your birthday wish for your dad. I remember when I met him over 20yrs ago that I thought you had his nose and his lips. 🙂 I think your oldest looks so much like you and your youngest looks so much like your hubby…. although they have your hubby’s coloring. You have a lovely family.

    • You are one of the few people who have met my elusive father. I recall you telling me that we have similar body language, too. I only wish I was as skinny as him!

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