Sick Chicken & Springtime Inspiration

One of our favorite chickens hasn’t been feeling well. I shot this video a couple days ago and you can see by my face how concerned I was. Or maybe my face always looks like that in the morning. As of last night she was doing okay, so keep your fingers crossed. The weather is […]

Kale, Quinoa, Avocados, Oh My!

Ever since David C. Owen first arrived on my doorstep a year ago, I’ve made the care and feeding of visiting pole artists and instructors my thing. After all, I want them to love Boulder and the studio so much that they are dying to come back after they tell all their friends. Tracee Kafer […]

I’m Still Alive

I haven’t blogged since last week and I’m fairly certain that I have a message on my phone from my dad (Hi Dad!) inquiring about my well-being. I’m fine, just too “busy” having a good time to write. Bettyfest in Keystone with Pamcakes and the crew was fantastic. We ate copious amount of fondu, slept, […]

Litter Kwitter Modification

I am blogging from a woman’s “retreat” up in the mountains. I’ve always struggled with girly retreats because I don’t think I’m feminine enough. While female, I don’t get into super girly stuff and girly stuff is what most ladies’ retreats are all about. I think the condition of my feet should be indicative of […]

I’m Not Going To Be “That” Person

I’m sweltering away at the public pool on Day Four of President’s Day weekend. It’s like a friggin’ sauna in here. It’s my survival strategy for interminable holiday breaks. I round up as many kids as possible, take them to the pool and then afterwards we have a picnic in the park and more running […]

Cringe Party Redux

If you are easily offended (and have managed to stay with my blog) stop reading now. If you are a relative, please stop reading now. If you aren’t 18, please stop reading now. You’ve been warned. The First Annual Cringe Party was a complete success. I say first annual because I want this to be […]

24 Hour Party Person

I haven’t been posting lately because I have been too busy partying my ass off. Who knew that 40 could be so crazy? A mom from the school came up to me at pick up and said, “I have a random request. Me: Shoot. Her: Can you find a man and a woman to dress […]

I Made You A Thing For Your Birthday, Dad!

It’s my dad’s birthday and again I have deprived him of his greatest wish … to have something to hold over me for a whole year. That thing being me forgetting his birthday. Sorry Dad, not this year. I made something for your birthday! You can stop avoiding the telephone and email. I know you get a notice […]

This Blog Was Written Entirely at the Apple Store

Stupid winter. Stupid computers. STUPID EVERYTHING! Loony’s computer shit the bed the other day. His unbacked-up computer. I had to appreciate Loony’s completely unflappable nature because he didn’t waste much time gnashing his teeth over it. He found a new computer that day (in our garage, natch) had Chrome restore his bookmarks and was ready […]