Sick Kid Strep Is No Fun Traffic Circle Crash Haircut Fan

It’s been a fun-filled few days around Chez Frye.

Testiclese wasn’t acting quite like himself when I picked him up from Parkour on Sunday. By dinner he was complaining of a headache, sore throat and had a fever. By the next day he had a rash on his body.

Hello Strep.

Comfort Dog

Comfort Dog

Fucking Cat

Fucking Cat

The poor little guy stayed home from school a couple of days while the antibiotics kicked in and I had the distinct pleasure of homeschooling my kid.

You homeschoolers out there, the ones that do it right … respect. I do not have what it takes to educate my kids at home.

When one of my kids stays home sick, I try to make sure that it isn’t too much fun. I mean, they can sleep all they want but there will be no endless TV cartoon-a-thon or unlimited iPad use (unless they want to play mahjong in which case they can be my guest).

I try to make the experience educational, or more to the point, more work than being at school. Between the doctor’s appointment, working on homework, reading and that ancestor research project (in the first grade!) Testy was like, “I kind of miss going to school.”

Mission accomplished.

He had to wait around while I got my hair cut with Penny. She comes to town to cut hair every 5-6 weeks so it was either now or not for another month and a half.

I don’t want my kids faking being sick so they can fuck around at home. My neurologist Chinese sister-in-law informed her son that unless he has a fever of over 104 and severe seizures (not mild, seizures … severe) he would have to go to school.

He’s a freshman at Georgetown so clearly her Tiger Mother style of parenting worked.

In the evening I was able to slip out to take a pole class with Waeli. We worked on Russian Pole Fish or Angry Flying Asian or Peacock or whatever it’s called.

Pretty picture, no?

Pretty picture, no?

What I find amusing about these pole pictures is that, at least in my case, they do not really represent what’s going on. In this case, it was me swearing at Waeli, almost kicking her in the head, screaming in agony at the simultaneous butt/toe cramps I was getting, and then smiling really quickly for Nina to take a picture after Waeli ran out of the shot.

Whatever it takes.

I haven’t been cutting much crap lately.

  1. Because I have been busy with a sick kid
  2. I’d rather do other stuff, like spend more time in the pole studio.

I love taking classes with Waeli. She has such a vast repertoire of tricks and I’m surprised and delighted to find myself getting strong enough to fully participate, which was kind of my goal for this year. See?

Also in the news, recent cold weather has led to icy roads. People speed down my street all the time and the city, in its infinite wisdom, installed traffic circles which have only made the roads 10 times more dangerous, in my opinion.

However, they are great for nailing speeders.

This dude was speeding down our street, hit ice and nailed the traffic circle and launched into my neighbor’s lawn. This shit happens all the time.

By the way, I got an email from a, uh, fan.

Name: Good Bad Dog
Comment: You drunken bitch.  I love your blog.

I’m not sure how to respond. Thanks?  (Cordelia, is that you?)

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  1. lawl, pole dancin, sick testiclese, “four ways”, drunkin bishes, fly by night hair stylists and not cuttin the crap. No wonder I am addicted to your blog. 😉 You’re getting really strong Viv! Keep up the fun!

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