Mandatory Staff Meeting

It was a busy weekend of pole dancing at Vertical Fusion.

I’ve been throwing myself back into dancing now that my life isn’t consumed with cleaning out my house. I try to take at least three classes a week and work on challenging moves that I would otherwise avoid.

Sideclimb? Shoulder mounts? Caterpiller climbs? Brass Monkey? Handsprings? Oy.

I wish this was me that Nina was working with but … fuck it. It's my blog. Yep, that's me! Looking good!

I wish this was me that Nina was working with but … fuck it. It’s my blog. Yep, that’s me! Looking good!

We had a staff meeting Saturday night which, if it were any other job, would be grounds for quitting. But our staff meetings are anything but boring.

Trying to throw the VF gang sign (which also is the hashtag sign).

Trying to throw the VF gang sign (which also is the hashtag sign).

For instance, despite being on death’s door, Twerkasaurus Rex indulged my need to video her butt.

Of course, Dr. Ken provided ample entertainment.

That's just wrong.

That’s just wrong.

Then there was the after party, which was much more sedate than this photo suggests.

IMG_0131We actually slept through watched The Lone Ranger. The biggest waste of time ever.

I admit, when I hear that a movie is really bad (like Sharknado) I kind of have to see for myself.

Sometimes a movie is so bad that it is sublime, like Showgirls.


Let me assure you, this is not the case with The Lone Ranger.

How can a movie with such a big budget and Johnny Depp (sorry Cushie) be so crushingly dull? I mean, I was almost as bored watching The Lone Ranger as I was when I saw The Phantom Menace, and that’s saying something.

Need I say more?

Need I say more?

We also crashed an 80’s party. I caught wind that one was going down and I have ONLY THE MOST AMAZING COSTUME EVER so naturally I had to go.

I know what you are thinking. And it’s okay, I get it. That outfit is fucking hot.


Especially on the thong part!

Loony’s t-shirt was the sexiest of all. For my young friends, Google Milli Vanilli.

But this is the sexiest look of all.

Girl, it’s is true!

I know! You are probably wondering how such handsome and amazing dancers can also have such beautiful voices. But alas, it was never to be. They were (gasp) lip-synching back in the day when it was considered scandalous to do so.

These days? Name an artist that doesn’t lip-synch from time to time. Or always.

In other news, I met a dog EVEN SMALLER than Chiquita. Better watch out Chicken, I might be “busy” the next time Tabby goes out of town.

IMG_0038The cutest baby Dachshund named Ulysses. This dog will be mine.

IMG_0039You can’t see any tongue in the picture, but I assure you, we are totally Frenching.

Oh, and if you were wondering how things are going with the kitty toilet training, it’s not. We had a big setback.

I moved her into the Amber Ring and the little hole in the middle just threw her for a loop. She started pooping in the corner where her box used to be.


The instructions say to step back to the previous setting, which we did, and she’s back to pooping in the toilet litter box. We’ll try again in a couple weeks.

I could say I cut some crap, but I didn’t. I’m having too much fun at the studio.

3 thoughts on “Mandatory Staff Meeting

  1. Your 80’s aerobics outfit was sooo in style back then. I was going to Vail Athletic Club(starting in 1983)and it was all the rage. But there was no way I was going to wear it. I think I was the only woman in aerobics class that wasn’t wearing tights and leotards. Even now when I do kickboxing I wear big baggy boy shorts and in yoga I wear some cool funky bell bottom pants and a t-shirt. I have never been one to join the crowd. I remember after “Flashdance” everyone was cutting off their sweatshirts(I always hated the look)and wearing leg warmers…. 🙂

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