Litter Kwitter: Amber Alert!

That Fucking Cat has been doing great with the Litter Kwitter on the green setting, which is essentially a modified litter box set to fit inside the toilet. But she’s getting the hang of it.

Aside from occasionally turning around and peeing off the edge onto the floor (grrr) she’s accepted it as her place to go potty.

Today I decided it was time to graduate her to the next level, the amber ring.

This introduces a hole into the center of the LK and will (hopefully) encourage her to balance more on the seat of the toilet rather than in the litter area. Fingers crossed.

Minion isn’t too thrilled about the situation. He either has to move the LK to use the toilet or go upstairs through my room, which terrifies him. I suspect he is using the facilities at whatever coffee shop he goes to every hour.

Now that there is a hole in the LK, he can pee ever so carefully into it, which I’m sure he’ll love.


I’m also certain he’ll raise a stink about me referring to him in my blog, even though I’m not using his likeness or name.

“What? You are blogging about me? I want a cut of your revenues!”

Sure thing big guy. What’s ten percent of nothing?

Here you go, genius.

Here you go, genius.

My other employee, Moneypenny, just wrote a revealing post about depression. She is the most inscrutable creature I know and it pains me that she’s been keeping this all inside. I know a thing or two about depression.

I hope she doesn’t mind that I am sharing it with my 13 readers. I mean, that’s why we blog, right? To put it out to the world and see what comes back?

Blogs are modern messages in a bottle.

Blogs are modern messages in a bottle.

Give her a read, and maybe a little support, she could use it.

I haven’t been cutting the crap much lately but I have been careful about not acquiring things.

Loony deceived me into going to the thrift store on the way home from lunch at our favorite Indian place, “Just to pick a couple things up, I researched them and know where they are. It will only take a second.”


Seconds turned into a really fucking long time and that Indian food was doing its magic so I had to, ahem, use the facilities.

Not one to rush the process I grabbed a book on the way in to read. I felt a little weird about this having seen this Seinfeld episode about taking books into the bathroom.

I came out of the bathroom and a man said, “Hey! Do you know how they organize the books here?”.

I screamed, a little.

Me: Eeek! I  mean, no?

Book Guy: Oh, I saw the book in your hand and figured you buy here a lot.

Me: Actually, I’ve never bought a book here before.

Book Guy: You are just buying one now then?

Me: Yeaaaahhhhh (as I put the book back on the shelf and skulk away)

Here’s some awesome stuff that I did not buy.

All this stupid shit. I guess if you are going to buy an electric jar opener, you may as well get it cheap at the thrift store. So many “perfect” gifts gone unused.


I can’t count this because it really is just trash. It’s an extra tough dog toy that claims it can defeat even the strongest jaws, but not really. Pamcakes’ dog decrapitated it in under two minutes. Blue, who usually takes at least a week to get to the stuffing, took it down in less than an hour. Piece of shit.

Finally, Scrotus is back at the Endodontist’s. This is for my dad (hi Dad!) and step-mom.

His busted tooth is doing great, the infection is gone and the tendon is re-establishing itself around it. Hopefully it will hold for at least ten years.

The endodontist (who was in a foul mood, BTW) removed the calcium whatever that he had packed inside and put in a temporary. Scrote’s real dentist will put a permanent filling in soon and then we will be done. For now.

15 thoughts on “Litter Kwitter: Amber Alert!

  1. I love these litter quitter updates! Does it only work with kittens or can you retrain older cats as well?

    • I’ve read that older cats can do it. Even the website says that it doesn’t work for all cats, they have to be agreeable. I’ve yet to know if it will work for the That Fucking Cat, to be honest. We’ll see.

      I think I’ll rent out my LK when I’m done with it. $10 to use it for 2 months rather than spend $50?

  2. I find it hilarious that Minion refuses to move the litter box off the toilet. That plastic is definitely toxic, and it’s not like there is a sink 10 inches away to wash your hands with afterwards.

    • He’s always all, “And that’s why I don’t have a cat.” Well fuck you, Minion! My cat is going to crap in the toilet and you are going to be picking up your dog’s shit until the end of time. BOOM!

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