Photobombing and me go together like beans and rice. There’s nothing I like more than being disruptive and annoying. I like to think I’m being cute.

Waeli says she likes it when I take her class because she enjoys teaching to a crowd, and since I’m like five people in one (aka, as loud and annoying as a small dinner party), I give her that packed classroom feeling she so enjoys.

It’s so nice to be liked for who you are … in my case, a class clown.

So when The Norwegian Nanny did a bunch of boudoir shoots in my rental, I made a point of wandering upstairs at regular intervals to see what was going on … and jump in some pictures.

I also took a bunch of photos with my iPhone and tortured Loony with them.

“Here!” he said, shoving a camera into my hands, “This has a full charge and a 1 gig chip. Get up there!”

Me: No! Do it yourself, pervert.

Loony: I caaaaaan’t! You have to do it for me!

Me: Why don’t you strap on your tool belt, knock on the door, and tell the ladies that you are here to fix the pipes? Hahahahahaha!

Loony: I can’t believe you won’t do this for me.

Me: Do what? It’s your fucking house, get up there you pussy.

Loony: It would be weird.

Me: Weirder than me showing up in the middle of the shoot and taking a bunch of pictures? For you? And my blog?

Loony: Yes.

Jesus, what a coward. All the ladies know him anyway. He could offer to steam their lingerie or something. Be creative for chrissakes. It’s like I have to do everything around here.

Here are some of my favorite pics from my 50 minute session with NN.

Good lord, I’m getting old. The 20 some-odds show up with stilettos and shopping bags full of sexy lingerie. I brought a wool sweater. And a scarf.

I call it aging gracefully, or to be more blunt, covering up my stretch marks with opaque fabric. Whatever it takes, baby.

This is my favorite photo from the shoot. I wanted a picture with Lashed because I adore her, I think it's the best one of the lot.

This is my favorite photo from the shoot. I wanted a picture with Lashes because I adore her, I think it’s the best one of the lot.

If you want to see more of the pictures, go to Norwegian Nanny’s Facebook page. While you’re at it, schedule a boudoir shoot if you live near Boulder. She has a Valentine’s special coming up.

*All photos are courtesy of Nina Reed Photography.

6 thoughts on “Photobomb!

  1. you are so wonderfully photogenic – beautiful pictures!
    i can also see why you loved living in that top floor space, the natural light is fantastic. if i’m ever in boulder…
    are you on vrbo? 🙂


    • Thanks! Yes, I’m on VRBO and AirBnb. The light up there is fantastic and responsible for 50% of my photogenic(ness). It’s hard to take a bad picture in that light.

  2. As always, love the photos Viv. The photos of you, I mean…yeah sure those other girls look great but how hard is that, when you’re still in your youthful prime? As always your routine disclaimers about being OLD…yeah I know it’s all relative but nonetheless it’s hard for me to swallow, seeing you posed there. Sometimes I wonder if you’re fishing for compliments. To me the photos speak for themselves, everything from mildly suggestive to downright salacious…and yes like your other commentator says, you’re hot, highly photogenic. But you already know I think so. So, more boudoir photos, please!

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