Kitty Sheisse Video

I dutifully walk Blue every day, two to three miles at a shot depending on the weather.

I love my neighborhood and nothing makes me happier than listening to a good book while taking in the fresh air with my big boy, even on a drab and gray day.

My family never comes with me and sometimes I see things I think they would appreciate. Seeing as how I have a film degree and all, why not make a short movie?

I recently attended a student film screening on campus, and aside Waeli’s film (and a few notable others), I was disappointed to see that students films haven’t gotten much better in the 20 years since I’ve been at CU.

Here is my contribution to amateur filmmaking.

And here is my contribution to kitty sheisse videos. I snuck up on TFC while she was using the toilet!

I don’t want to get too excited, she’s still on the red Litter Kwitter insert, which is no more than a modified litter box that fits inside a toilet seat, but still.

I haven’t found any sneaky poops or pees around the house that can’t be attributed to a rogue visiting dog. But then again, I haven’t set foot in the sunroom in a really long time because all of Loony’s shit is in there.

If I were a cat, I would totally poop in there. Just sayin’.


I saw this book sitting on the couch at APEX yesterday. I couldn’t help but laugh my ass off despite the withering glare the person reading it gave me.

Yes, I believe in the power of personal vibration.

4 thoughts on “Kitty Sheisse Video

  1. I have to tell you I was watching your film of you taking your dog for a walk. I had the volume on and when you said, “come on” my big puppy Athena started barking and the baby puppy was looking down the hall(where my computer is)wondering who was making that noise. It was damn funny

  2. My puppies would go crazy over that. Speaking of puppies…Strider just went to sleep so I must go in my studio and organize. But when I saw those pink flamingos it reminded me of this woman who sells creatures that she makes with them. They are actually much hipper than what I was expecting(I met her at a holiday art show). Her etsy shop is CedarMoon. You have to check it out.

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