Work, Work, and More Work

Yesterday I picked the boys up from school wearing what I thought was a pretty sassy outfit: black leg warmers over black leggings, ankle boots, those little boot covers with the pom-pom cat-toy ties, and a rock t-shirt.

It was very cute and not quite as pre-teen as it sounds. Anyway, Shawna was like, “What’s up with the Flashdance look?”

As if!

I had leggings on, too.

I’m so sure. I totally had leggings on, too.

I replied, “Hanging out with 20 year-old pole dancers affects what I think is appropriate attire.”

“Careful now! We have a 20 year-old in our presence.” she cautioned, nodding to a fellow mom.

Whatever. That woman was like, twenty-eight. I’m talking twenty-zero.

Nina, AKA the Norwegian Nanny is launching a photography business with boudoir being one of her areas of expertise.

She wanted to know if she could use my VRBO which happens to have the best natural light, ever.

Isn't the light just great?

Isn’t the light just great?

Need she ask?

As you can see, hanging out with twenty-somethings isn’t all bad. As a matter of fact, it rules.

Naturally I stuck around to “style” the shoot (aka, adjust Lashes’ g-string and expose more of Kimber’s cleve).

I just want all my hot GF’s to know that I am 100 percent here for them.

In other news, That Fucking Cat’s toilet training is going well. I moved it up onto the toilet and, aside from it being convenient for her to shred toilet paper while she poops, it’s going well.


Her latest work.


The toilet paper now lives in a drawer. It’s slightly used, but clean.


Minion isn’t too thrilled about having to share the toilet with the cat. Moneypenny is more on-board since she cited having a kitten around as one of the perks of this job.

No crap to cut today. I’m too busy “helping” the Norwegian Nanny with her shoot.

I mean really, look at all this lingerie! Someone has to help hook the bras!

I mean really, look at all this lingerie! Someone has to help hook the bras!

And by helping, I mean completely lezzing out with my camera phone.

4 thoughts on “Work, Work, and More Work

  1. What are you trying to do? T a l k TFK into using the new apparatus–and in such a soothing voice? Bound to convince the little fella. Cats respond so well to logic and persuasion

    • She is getting it, because of or in spite of my efforts. It’s a huge mess, though. I have been warned to take it slow and give her at least a week to get used to each stage before I move to the next one. It will be brilliant if it works.

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