Litter Kwitter: Day 1

A long time ago I said I was going to toilet train That Fucking Cat. Then the holidays hit and I didn’t think it would be a good idea to take one bathroom off-line while I had guests staying with us.

I finished the clumping litter she uses in her regular box and decided that now is the time to get started.

I decided to go with the Litter Kwitter system because I tried to be clever and fashion my own DIY training system with a disposable turkey pan. But alas, we have an old toilet with a small bowl. Fortunately the Litter Kwitter fits.


I found litter that won’t screw up my pipes when it inevitably falls into the toilet. I hope.


I eased That Fucking Cat into the bathroom by moving her box into the shower. Someone closed the shower door and she was forced to take a sneaky poop in the corner. #notherfault


Put the red insert into the LK and fill with litter. I think I went wrong by using fresh litter. TFC thought it was a fun little party box for her to play in.


See? I hate litter grit with a passion. It’s the reason I’m doing this in the first place. But can I handle two months of extreme grit?


I went through the old litter for some samples to put in the LK, hopefully she will realize this isn’t a party box, it’s a shit box.

In other news, Tabby is back from England and ripped Chicky from my arms took the dog back.

And we were making such good progress with our attachment parenting.


Here’s something exciting on the crap cutting front.

Some dumbass bought this fugly cut-off acid-washed jean skirt for $35 on eBay. Yellow stains, denim bow and all.

Some dumbass bought this fugly cut-off acid-washed jean skirt for $35 on eBay. Yellow stains, denim bow and all.


19 thoughts on “Litter Kwitter: Day 1

  1. Oh man I wish you the absolute best of luck in toilet training TFC. I’d love to be able to do the same thing if we could afford the damn $300 pet deposit and have a cat again. Oh and I learned years ago, that some people on eBay will buy anything. It’s crazy!

  2. I cannot wait to see if this works as I have always had an interest in it…..

    I love you. Thank you for having my ridiculous little dog over the holidays!

  3. I tied this once with our cats we got them to the last step and it was working then shawns mom came to stay with us for a few months and she needed the toilet the cats were using so I gave up but I do know some one who was successful so good luck ..I just let my cats outside now no litterbox

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    • Just the instructions said, it’s a process. She was doing great with the first insert (no hole at all) and seemed to have the hang of it. I switched it to the second insert (orange) and she got very confused. The hole in the center totally threw her. So we’re back to the red insert and will try again with the orange ring in a couple weeks.

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    • We were doing pretty well and then we went out of town and it fell apart. The people I know who have trained their cats to use the toilet report regular setbacks due to changes in living situations, illness, etc. Having my bed practically destroyed isn’t something I’m willing to deal with EVER AGAIN much less on a semi-regular basis so I gave up. It’s not to say it won’t work for you, but I’m not willing to deal with set-backs.

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