Why Pole Dancing is the Best New Year’s Resolution (7363-7365)

It’s the new year and I’m getting on those resolutions. So far, I’m killing it. I Except for the Lemony part, I need to have her and Joe over soon.

My first resolution was to pole dance more and learn new tricks.


I decided to leave out lofty ambitions like becoming a completely different person by changing every single one of my bad habits and taking on an infinite number of new, virtuous ones.


Call me crazy but I’m too old to set myself up for failure. Baby steps, people.

The way I see it, pole dancing more will actually help me continue to grow in the direction I want.

  1. I always feel better about myself after I’ve been in the studio. Maybe Joe is a wizard and installed magical lights and mirrors, but I feel like I look better in there. I love my body when I am there.
  2. I get stronger and more graceful, which is the opposite of what they tell you happens to your body as you age. Fountain of youth?
  3. I connect with people that build me up and support me. I also have to check myself with the negative self-talk and body image bullshit, especially if Kris is in the room or on-line (thank you Kris!)
  4. I am part of something bigger than me when I work at the studio. I am helping to create something beautiful, an empowering and creative space for people to play and be real with each other. In tiny outfits.
  5. I stay motivated about my fitness, which is hard to do in a smelly weight room overrun with dudes. Sorry guys.
  6. But speaking of guys, I get have to walk through APEX where there are hot young people everywhere for me to admire and jump on. More about the jumping on thing, but really, it fills me up with gratitude to see young people inhabit their bodies, be creative and play with such determination. It is a rare and beautiful environment, especially for an old cougar like me.

In the spirit of my resolution, I took Waeli’s mixed levels last night. On my way to class, I jumped on Cory.

Resolution #3, done. BOOM!

She's just like me! She did this to her head rocking out in her living room and smacking her head on a coffee table.

She’s just like me! She did this to her head rocking out in her living room and smacking her head on a coffee table.

I’ve been scared to take Waeli’s class. She’s the winner of the the Colorado Pole Championship and godlike in my eyes. And she’s bossy!

But I like bossy, especially when I know it is playful and coming from a place of friendship. Frankly, I need someone to boss me around if I’m ever going to grow.

Time to cut the crap.

2 thoughts on “Why Pole Dancing is the Best New Year’s Resolution (7363-7365)

  1. I need your literary advice. I was talking with a friend on the phone about a class I enjoy teaching, and the following words came out of my mouth: “I know my way around the curves.” (I.e., i know how to teach the course.) To my knowledge, this was the first literary expression ever to come out my mouth. (What kind of literary device is it?) Since i consider you my source of literary inspiration, I need to know what I might do to keep the tap open There, I did it again!) so I can spice up my pose. How do you do it!

    • Read more blogs.

      Seriously, that’s where all these clever turns of phrase come from. Get enough exposure and they’ll start rolling off your tongue and you, too, can sound clever.

      As for what kind of literary device … it’s a metaphor for racing, but not quite as straightforward as a metaphor. An allusion? I dunno.

      Dammit, Jim! I’m a blogger not a scholar!

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