Hug It Out

Loony? Are you there? Don’t read this. I’m feeling all angsty about the dumbest parent/teacher conference ever today. Schools have gotten all new-agey and inclusive about the conferences, a day on the calendar that stuck fear into my soul because I knew … KNEW … that the grownups were talking shit about me while I […]

Sick Kid Strep Is No Fun Traffic Circle Crash Haircut Fan

It’s been a fun-filled few days around Chez Frye. Testiclese wasn’t acting quite like himself when I picked him up from Parkour on Sunday. By dinner he was complaining of a headache, sore throat and had a fever. By the next day he had a rash on his body. Hello Strep. The poor little guy […]

Incase You Missed Last Night’s Drunk Post

I went out the Saturday night to the Bohemian Biergarten, a very un-Boulder place. At least I think it’s un-Boulder. It isn’t all blonde wood with marble countertops and waiters in white shirts and jeans and serving up raw zucchini hummus. This place has a motherfucking sausage bar. You heard me. They have a small concert/performance […]

Future Robotic Greetings (7395-7405)

It’s a video day. I’m trying to get back into being a responsible adult so I spent the entire day going through my old mail and papers. Ever since I got a bookkeeper, I hardly open my mail anymore. I don’t have to, right? But then it piles up which is generally a bad thing. […]

Haters Gonna Hate (7392-7394)

I have finally arrived as a blogger because I got my very first hater! Woot! I got this lovely comment on my post about Lululemon’s CEO, Chip Wilson, being a total d-bag. Apparently Yeah No really hates my hair. A lot. More than (s)he agrees or disagrees with my meditation on corporate PR suicide. I […]

Mandatory Staff Meeting

It was a busy weekend of pole dancing at Vertical Fusion. I’ve been throwing myself back into dancing now that my life isn’t consumed with cleaning out my house. I try to take at least three classes a week and work on challenging moves that I would otherwise avoid. Sideclimb? Shoulder mounts? Caterpiller climbs? Brass […]

Litter Kwitter: Amber Alert!

That Fucking Cat has been doing great with the Litter Kwitter on the green setting, which is essentially a modified litter box set to fit inside the toilet. But she’s getting the hang of it. Aside from occasionally turning around and peeing off the edge onto the floor (grrr) she’s accepted it as her place […]

Cringe Party

I’M HAVING A VALENTINE’S DAY CRINGE PARTY! Enough with the high-pressure, sexy parties that end up in Total Relationship Destruction because, really, you wanted to break up but didn’t have the heart to do it on The Most Romantic Day Of The Year. But the pressure got to you and you did it anyway. Worst. […]


Photobombing and me go together like beans and rice. There’s nothing I like more than being disruptive and annoying. I like to think I’m being cute. Waeli says she likes it when I take her class because she enjoys teaching to a crowd, and since I’m like five people in one (aka, as loud and […]

Kitty Sheisse Video

I dutifully walk Blue every day, two to three miles at a shot depending on the weather. I love my neighborhood and nothing makes me happier than listening to a good book while taking in the fresh air with my big boy, even on a drab and gray day. My family never comes with me […]