Will It Shred (7357-7360)

I’ve had quite a weekend, nothing fun I assure you. My dad and step-mom are arriving shortly so I need to get this up and go.

Tabby is still in England so I have Chiquita. I’m in love with that stupid dog.

This video is for her. Sorry about the strange framing.

Chicky is having a good old time here. He pretty much spends all day in Scrotus’s top bunk, snorked under the covers while the boy reads his book all day long.

That Fucking Cat has been very busy, too. I decided she needs her own YouTube channel.

Have you heard of Will It Blend? The Blendtec company makes videos of their blender pulverizing just about anything that will fit in it: iPads, lighters, crowbars, cans of soda, etc.

In this video, they blend four of the plastic iPhones and one of the gold ones. Hell, why don’t they just blend up $1000 and call it done?

That Fucking Cat should have her own show and it should be called Will It Shred.

Her latest work.

Her latest work.

She’s been busy. Fucking cat.

I’ve been busy, too. Time to cut the crap.

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