Food Posts are Boring But I’m Doing It Anyway (7334))

I’m addicted to this song by Urban Species, featuring Imogen Heap. Listen to the song while reading, if you like.

Why do I love her so much when she collaborates with other musicians but hate her solo work so badly? How can you be sublime and suck at the same time? I guess I have a big soft spot for anything trip-hop.

This ad in the paper caught my eye:

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

I’ve been obsessed with lobster ever since Goodwood and Stacked went to the east coast and waxed rhapsodic about lobster rolls. I’ve only had ones that I’ve made and they’ve all been rather meh.

Goodwood texted me from Colorado Springs, apparently the buffet at the Broadmoor inspired him. Lobster rolls on a popover! It was, as you say, serendipity.

Double Double Yolker!

Double Double Yolker! Today is meant to be!

While he and the family drove back from the Springs, I walked the dog and stocked up on lobster.

I posted the dog walk so you could  see how truly devoted I am to my dog … and Tabby. It blew out there. Literally.

Since you can’t make a meal out of lobster rolls unless you are in the money, I added a roasted vegetable quiche and salad to the menu.


Then I invited everyone. Waeli came over with Dziga and I made her sing for her supper. We worked on that ugly Jasmine to Superman transition that I have been struggling with (point toes and kick the top leg rather than scrunch) and then we ended up lying on the floor in our underwear, discussing the, er, merits of Henry Cavill as the new Superman.


We came to the conclusion that lobster is too delicate a shellfish to overwhelm with seasoning. Goodwood settled on a dressing of melted butter, Italian parsley and lemon juice with sea salt and pepper.

I roasted eggplant, squash and peppers with olive oil and smoked salt and baked it into a quiche with chèvre. It was yummy.*

*I realize that I kind of called my dad out for suggesting that I post pictures of his breakfast in Thailand on account of it being boring to look at other people’s food, only then to devote an entire post to a meal I consumed, but hey, it’s my blog.

Time to cut the crap:


This isn’t a purge item, but I am ticked about it. HOW HARD IS IT TO KEEP THE SHOWER DOOR CLOSED?! We store TP in there because if That Fucking Cat gets near a roll, she shreds it. Whoever (Loony) neglected to close the door shall be forced to wipe his bum with the little shreds of paper.


While this hot pink Coors ear warmer does a good job of keeping Loony’s ears warm, there’s the rest of his dome to be concerned about. Some idiot on eBay just has to have this, I know it.

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