Fall From Grace (7320-7322)

My father, being an astute observer language that he is, noticed that the tone towards my cat has changed significantly since we got her in late September.

She has gone from being Sweet Little Kitten Pie to the That Fucking Cat in a remarkably short period of time.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Three pictures? Three thousand.

fucking cat

I’m renaming my husband. He started as Lonny, went to Zebulon, then back to Lonny, and now he’s Loonie. I’ve noticed some comments where it appears his name has been autocorrected and the moniker strikes me as funny and a little apropos.

My name autocorrects to Divine, just in case you were wondering.

PicMonkey Collage

More kitten carnage. She pretty much goes from disaster to disaster. Then she naps.

This Simon’s Cat video perfectly illustrates why we will not be having a Christmas tree this year.

I showed this to the boys and they were like, “You’re right. There’s no way we can have a tree.” Oh the internet, how I love you.

Time to cut the crap.

10 thoughts on “Fall From Grace (7320-7322)

  1. I’ve found keeping a spray bottle full of water nearby at all times to be highly effective. When kitty goes near an object it’s not supposed to or does something naughty I give a firm NO and squirt her with the bottle. Most cats do not like to get wet and this works very well as a training tool. She’ll learn very quickly if she repeats the negative behavior she’ll get wet since she’ll associate the behavior and/or items with the unpleasantness of the spray. Eventually you won’t even need to spray her. She’ll see the bottle and/or hear that firm NO and will stop immediately. Don’t let the kids do it though, I know from experience, they’ll get too much joy out of it and will want to spray her just for the fun of it.

      • My kids would TOTALLY get drunk with power! How are you feeling, BTW. I’ve been thinking about you and your recovery. I hope you are over the hard part. 10 days was my threshold.

        • Today is a week since I’ve been home from the hospital. I’m still struggling, lots of crying spells and oh lordy the slightest thing just gets the tear ducts overflowing. I have 3 drains, 1 on my right and 2 on my left and I hate them with a passion. I hate these damn tubes sticking out of my body and I have to empty and record how much fluid they catch every morning and every night and I’m so tired of only being able to lay on my back, I can’t roll on my side cause of the damn tubes. So physically, I’m healing. Emotionally, I’m all fuckered up.

        • Oh and I found your email address the other day. Was looking for something else and came across an email from you from back when I got those chopsticks. Would you be ok if I emailed you, just to talk about this stuff? Hardly anybody writes to me or even responds to my posts on FB and I’m so lonely. Fuck here comes the damn tears again.

        • Hang in there, it’s a process and you know that I’ve been through it. It gets better, but when you are in pain, with drains, you can’t move, everything hurts … it’s really hard. Just keep your eyes on the horizon and know that pretty soon you will be back on your feet and better than ever. It’s a tough procedure and I have a lot of compassion for where you are right now. It will be okay.

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