A Haiku For My Fellow Frozen Dogwalkers (7312-7319)


I started following this woman who wants to blog as a way to help her quit smoking pot. She had exactly one follower and linked to me on her very first post. She’s up to four posts and nine followers now. That’s how it starts, sister.

Why not see what she has to say? Everyone could use a little encouragement.

This morning she reposted this blog and I really needed to see it. My regular readers will know that I’m not the inspirational post kind of person, but today, after walking the dog in the ice, it resonated.

I look at these pictures to keep me going, too.


My boys are very fragile right now. Well, Testiclese is. Every little thing moves him to tears. And when I say “everything”, I mean everything.

Getting jumped in checkers, not finding the right shirt, not getting to choose which episode of Simon’s Cat we’re going to watch … little things.

And they aren’t tantrumy, bratty tears, either. They are wounded soul tears. Perhaps I’m  projecting onto him because I’m feeling a little fragile, but I really want to help.

I’ve held him and asked him what is really bothering him, he can’t or won’t say.


Lonny had his annual Boulder Bird Club holiday party last night. The house was full of lovely older people, so good with kids, so kind and generous, but I was tired.

My idea of a quiet evening.

My idea of a quiet evening.

I was glad that this is our last party of the season. I was glad to have an excuse to make gratin potatoes with some of that cream Dr. Ken left at my house over Thanksgiving.

Notice how people picked off the tasty crispy top off. Poor form, people. But I understand.

Notice how people picked the tasty crispy top off. Don’t think I don’t notice this shit. Poor form, people. But I understand.

I was glad that other than our party guests, we had an empty house (only I would consider my house empty with 30 people in it) and I could retreat with the boys into one of our rental rooms and watch a documentary on Alaska.

There’s nothing like seeing how people survive Alaskan winters to give me a little perspective.

It’s not so bad, really.

Time to cut the crap.


Kid’s book, Lego brain damage, a Golden Book with no cover, note book that I will never use (it’s pretty but I am a computer gal), Rally Sport membership card, a baggie full of sparkly things, a zoo membership card. That’s 8.

14 thoughts on “A Haiku For My Fellow Frozen Dogwalkers (7312-7319)

  1. I have a student who wanted to get a notebook for her pole goals/progress – if you haven’ t already thrown it out will you add it to my pile of random printing supplies? I can come pick everything up tonight to get it out of your way 🙂

  2. Viv, thank you for sending a link to my blog, much appreciated. It was such a nice surprise to log on today and see how many more people came to see my blog thanks to you. I wonder why your son is so sensitive right now? Do you have any clue? How old is he?

    • He is seven. I wish I understood what is going through his head.

      Keep working on that blog. I started with nothing, as well. ALthough I have to say, even though I have almost 100,000 hits and 500 followers, it doesn’t really mean much. I’m writing because it is therapeutic for me and keeps me on track.

      • Hi Viv, thank you for your support on my blog, it really means a lot to me. You are a true inspiration to me and I’m sure to many others too. You have a really wonderful style of writing and presenting your blog, it’s interesting, captivating, transparent and candid.

        I feel for your son, I woke up thinking about him this morning. I don’t even know him but I wish I knew what was bugging him too. I have a soft spot for kids. If you do believe there is something specific bothering him I would suggest to continue to gently encourage him to talk and reassure him that you will not be angry at him, judge him or love him any less, whatever he decides to tell you (if he decides). Tell him you are there to protect him no matter what. Maybe its nothing serious, maybe he’s just feeling overwhelmed, or taking on other people’s energy. But whatever it is I know the two of you will come to a resolution, this too shall pass 🙂

        • There are developmental theories, the possibility that something happened at school (although I feel like he is very open with me, we cuddle every night and her tells me everything, at least I hope he does), I just don’t know. Hopefully it is a passing thing, but my radar is definitely up.

  3. Dog walking in the cold…..Basil and I were just talking about how many people we have met lately that are from Colorado. We(since I did live there for 10yrs)all agree that the dry cold feels so much more mild. But frozen shit is frozen shit.

    Our puppy Athena loves the snow and is compelled to roll in it. It works out well for us since it is impossible to give her a bath and she is equally compelled to roll in otter poop, which is the foulest smelling thing imaginable.

    I am still working on my sewing/beading/etsy/studio. But now instead of 3 rooms being torn apart there is only 1 room. It is nice to look in our closet and have it be all organized. And…the pile to give to St Vinnies has now almost filled the back of our car.

    I will show you before and after pictures, but I need to finish so there will be an after.

    • Wet cold is the worst. We have a guest from Chicago and I was lamenting the cold weather here. He reminded me that it is nothing compared to that godawful wind off the lake. It hurts your bones!

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