I Wish I Knew How To Quit You (7305-7309)


That was a great vacation.


I woke up this morning and I realized that I don’t know what to do with myself. I remembered that’s how I felt before I started blogging, I felt a little aimless and needed to fill the void (aka shopping).

I liked the structure of this “work”. In the beginning it kept me from accumulating things.

Why shop when you can stalk your pets in hopes they will do something cute for your blog?

I spend lots of time making cute illustrations of my pets smooching.

I’d like to find a little more balance but hey, if I feel like posting, why not?

Of course, I must keep the clamoring hoards at bay.

Hi Tabby!

Hi Tabby!

Tabby and I can’t walk right now because it’s FREEZING. Really. Freezing. And she’s got a hairless dog so walking around the reservoir is out.

I’m a little worried about my chickens but they seem to not mind the cold. Nonetheless, I’m taking extra precautions with them. And with the dog.


That’s my Google snuggie, you know.

Back to that balance thing, I need to take better care of myself. Had it not been for the daily three mile dog walks and teaching pole, I don’t think I would have gotten any exercise. Although they say that cleaning your house burns calories so LUCKY ME, Pussy Galore (AKA That Fucking Cat) is keeping me very busy.

They say cleaning the house is good exercise. LUCKY ME, Pussy Galore, AKA That Fucking Cat, is keeping me very busy.

She busted into this sealed package of TP and destroyed it.

But now that I have more time, I’d like to spend more time in the studio and (through gritted teeth) do more yoga.

Not because I’m searching for inner peace or anything, but as class made painfully clear last night, everything I do in there would be so much easier if I was more flexible. Even just a little more.

There was a former ballerina in class with me and I couldn’t stop envying everything she was able to do because she had her splits.


So I signed up for a free 15 day trial with YogaGlo, an on-line yoga service.


I’m going to avoid doing what I would normally do, i.e. announce to the world that I’m taking up yoga, buy $500 of Lululemon gear and purchase a $120/month gym membership only to decide I hate it and give up.

All this would likely turn into a painful reminder of my failure.

All this would likely turn into a painful reminder of my failure.

I’m going to do 30 minutes a day, in my new room, for 15 days and see how I like it. Then I might consider the $18/month subscription, but only then.

My rug arrived! I love it. And I purchased it before my no shopping pledge. I consider it a durable good, I doubt I’ll be buying another one in the next ten years.

And I won’t sign up for a whole year because I’ll save a buck or two a month. I’ll take it nice and slow and cancel if I don’t use it. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

30 minutes seems reasonable and if I don’t have to spend any time getting to class, I’m more likely to do it. We’ll see.

Time to cut the crap.

Okay. Time to do that yoga. The cat’s sleeping so this is my big chance!


14 thoughts on “I Wish I Knew How To Quit You (7305-7309)

  1. I never do anything for my chickens in the cold weather.. well, sometimes I close the door to their coop. And of course make sure they have food & non-frozen water. Sometimes I feel bad about my lack of chicken husbandry, but then I see them walking around in the snow, sitting in the snow, & generally refusing to go into their coop anyway & I feel less bad. Chickens are crazy! And they are still laying eggs… what!!

    The dogs, on the other hand… big. giant. babies.

    I like that rug! If it wasn’t for the dogs I’d totally take it.

    • I feel the same way about my girls. I tried to keep the coop all warm but they voluntarily hang out in the cold so I guess they don’t mind. I’m more worried about respiratory issues stemming from an unventilated coop.

  2. Hooray! I was trying to think of something all clever and poignant to write on your anniversary blog post, but couldn’t come up with anything “good enough.” Now I can comfortably leave a “thank heavens you’re still posting” comment! Also I’ll be interested to see how the yoga goes – I was doing really well on building some consistent exercise habits, but I have hit a patch of the “fuckits.” Sigh…..

    • I had a great routine for a long time. Lots of aerobics (3x week) lifting 3x week, pole, etc. I quit my gym because of weirdness, I left the studio I use to pole dance at and kind of lost myself in this internal world of blogging.

      While the blogging was good, I miss having that level of fitness. I can get it back, though.

      I did a YogaGlo session just now. I liked it. I like being able to take exactly the kind of class I want.

  3. That ex-ballerina can make anyone want to take up yoga. I have been saying that I need to work on my splits ever since I took my first pole class over two years ago, and I’m sure that if I had actually worked on them I’d be there by now. Maybe I’ll have to try YogaGlo myself..

    • I signed up for the free trial (I had to enter my credit card, of course) but it’s my calendar to assess whether I wanted to stay with it in 15 days.

      The ex-ballerina is amazing. I watched her step out of moves into the standing splits. While I will never achieve her ability (let’s get real), it would be good for me to stretch more.

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